who i am...
shu yan, tamra, tamera kapuris, mysti katran, kapuris, tarifinia, tari, vergulde draak, 27th december 1986, rmstitanic1911 [at]hotmail.com, fire tiger, capricorn

addicted to
[[ music ]]
inkubus sukkubus, evanesence, qntal, josh groban, great big sea
[[ movies/musicals/tv ]]
singin' in the rain, stargate the movie, stargate sg-1, animatrix
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computer, website, blog, adobe photoshop, internet, ipod, itunes
[[ misc ]]
esplanade-theatres on the bay, performing arts, ships, titanic, frogs, harry potter books, freedom ship, korperwelten, anything from creative technology, brian froud's artwork

a group in my secondary school, hackers, idiots, exams

people i like
my family, my friends, last but not least YOU!

ghosts of the abyss dvd, stargate sg-1 dvds, stargate the movie dvd, learn 3d studio max, visit Soleila in Germany or have her come to Singapore, tablet pc/laptop, typography and design books, more books by brian froud, just more books ...

words i say...
"don't kill passion for the arts"

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pharaoh zeus and poseidon abobe photoshop html myst windows xp itunes ipod mini ipod graphic pen tablets broadband computers
inkubus sukkubus gene kelly vicki zhao great big sea josh groban
tamora pierce clive culsser
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brian froud - faerie artist rms titanic frogs durian quidditch the one ring rivendell the stargate