Curriculum Vitae



Veri Arinal


Balikpapan / April, 28th 1971

Marital Status








Home Address

Jl. Raya Pasar Minggu 
Km.18 No. 1
Jakarta Selatan 

Cell Phone

+62 87877713290

Fixed Phone

+62 021-71435910







To obtain a position within a company in a team-environments or Independent working with each project. My Experience is working with technologies such as Active Server Pages (ASP), Ms. Visual Basic 6.0 (COM), SQL Server, HTML and Ms. ACCESS, Crystal Report, Power Builder, Microsoft Dot Net Technology (VB.NET & ASP.NET)  and Oracle Database, Web Application (PHP and MySQL)


11/1990 - 1993

A Company of Services


Data Entry


  • Operating PC software and input Data from Worksheet Form to an Application Terminal with Client Server Methode.
  • Reporting and Responsibility to Sistem Informasi Manager.


1993 - 1999





  • Developed an Application for Operation System (OPS System) with Clipper 5.2 for Dos and Re-write source code to Ms.ACCESS.


1999 – 2002


Assistant Manager Human Resource Information System


  • Developed an Application for Intranet Human Resource (HRWeb) Intranet and Internet application developed with Visual Interdev 6.0, Active Sever Pages, COM (Visual Basic 6.0), VBScript.
  • Developed an Application for Human Resource Information System (HRIS) Such as Recruitement, Personal (Payroll/Benefit), Training, with Ms. ACCESS and Design Database with SQL Server 7 & 2000
  • Involved Direct in Mutual Termination Agreement (MTA) Process.
  • Designs, Modifies and implements Network Infrastructure (Local Area Network) for Windows 2000, NT Technology, also maintenance Management User for those Network.
  • Have Knowledge Migration Database from Other Database to Ms. SQL Server and Replication Database.


2002 – 2003


 Software Engineer


  • Developed Usaha Kecil & Koperasi Application with Visua Basic Component, Visual Interdev and Office Automation.
  • Designs Database Structure for Kapal Asing Application. 


2003 – Now


IT Consultant


  • Developed Hospital Application System from Policlinic until Care Unit
  • Developed Vessel Monitoring  System and Reporting System at Fishery Department
  • Developed Human Resource Information System at Hospital
  • Developed Health, Safety and Environment Database System Application
  • Developed Competency Based Resource Management Application.
  • Developed Application of Harga Satuan Pokok Kegiatan
  • Developed Reporting Application
  • Develeped Sistem Aplikasi Pelaporan Kelautan (2005)
  • Developed Sistem Informasi Manajemen Perdagangan Luar Negri (Sept-Dec’05)
  • Developed Web Base Application for Assessment, CBHRM, Business Intellegent (Nov-Jan’06)
  • Developed Sistem Aplikasi Pelaporan Pelabuhan Ikan (March-Mei’06)
  • Developed Sistem Aplikasi Production Monitoring System (PMS) PT. SCHOTT IGAR GLASS (Mei – august’06)
  • Developed Sistem Aplikasi Competency Based Of Human Resource Management (CBHRM) PT. PELABUHAN INDONESIA III - SURABAYA (juni – October '07)
  • Developed Sistem Aplikasi Perfromance Management System (PMS) PT. HARDISC PRATAMA (Jan – April ’08)



2005 – Now


IT Lecturer


  • Training Client Server Application at PT. (Persero) SARINAH as Instructure (Jan-Feb’06).
  • As a Lecturer at Sekolah Tinggi Ilmu Komputer CKI – Jakarta (2005-Now)
  • As a Head of Information System at Sekolah Tinggi Ilmu Komputer CKI – Jakarta (March’2006-Now)





2004 – Now Universitas Budi Luhur, Jakarta (Master Degree)


2000 – 2004 Universitas Budi Luhur, Jakarta (Bachelor Degree)


1986 – 1989 STM Negeri Balikpapan


1983 – 1986 SMP 10 Nopember, Balikpapan


1980 – 1983 SD Bhayangkari, Balikpapan