I've begun writing stories to turn into a novel, perhaps more than one.  This may or may not ever result in publication; I don't even know for sure that Wizards of the Coast will ever again have an open call for Forgotten Realms fiction, and there will certainly be some steep competition for their attention if they do.  But I enjoy the writing, and the possibilities.  Laerrigan is the main character in my current project.  My Live Journal will display my brain during the process of research, writing, and pining away after publication.
       Meanwhile, I enjoy my characters so much I must display them for all the world to see, just as if no one has ever done such a thing before and I'm somehow original.  All of those currently shown here were generated under 3.5 rules with power-rolling (and every here and there a DM's indulgence).  Laerrigan keeps a running journal of his adventures, which is included on a link from his profile page for the indescribable joy of others with no more of a life than I have.

Cast of characters:

--Laerrigan (half-elf tiefling), my main character
    (journal last updated 12-12-07)

--Aurith (bronze half-dragon human)

--Kirion (half wood elf)

--Jesse (half-erinyes sun elf), includes new template!!

--Devam (harpy)

--Caden (changeling)

--Ylant (human weredog)

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