Antoine Vermette: the poor guy who has to live in Jason's shadow

Antoine Vermette is acutally a pretty aamzing player. He is an Ottawa draft pick and is in his first year at the AHL level. A lot of people think that he and Jason Spezza are competeing for a spot and for the first one of them to make it on the big team, which could very well be true. As of now (March 4, 2003), Vermette leads his team in goals, ahead of Jason who is right up his ass catching up (Jason still leads in points, while playing 20 games less than Vermette). Vermette has a very good chance of making the big club next year, but lets be reasonable in our thinking, if the Sens send Jason down one more time he is gonna have a hissy fit, and frankly i think there will only be one space left up at centre next year (how's that for a competititon). But still, Vermette has been producing great work in Binghamton, dazzling fans with his speed and skill and I'm sure that what the future holds for him will include a big, shiny, silver cup (hopefully winning on a Sens team that Jason will captain). GO VERMETTE GO!!


Ray Emery is one tough muther of a goalie. He is undoubtably the Bingo Sens MVP, and those boys down ther every well know that. Recently Ray has been suspended for a total of, i believe, 9 games for fighting misconducts (boooo), and during this time his loss has been felt. Without him in the lineup the Sens were pretty much horrible, and with Spezza being sent up and down by Ottawa the weight was even stronger. Emery will be a greta goalie some day, however he may have to work extra hard to crack the Ottawa lineup now that they can depend on both Lalime and Prusek, so best of luck to Emery and stop getting into fights or else Jacques Martins is gonna beat your head in.

Petr Taticek: My little Czech bunny rabbit!!!! (hahahaha, don't ask where that cam from)

Petr Taticek is an amazing Czech player who was chosen 9th overall by Florida in 2002. Besides his amazing skill I love the fact that he said he came over to North America because he wanted to play Canadian hockey, how cute is that!? Well he now plays for the Soo Greyhounds (Ray Emery's old team) and they are currently playing in the ohl playoffs hoping to beat off Kitchener in the first round (ohhhh Petr vs. Greg... two future teammates).... lol GO PETIE GO!