Welcome to Vermilion, Ohio

"A Great Place to Drop Anchor, for a lifetime or a day."

Nestled on the southern most shore of all the Great Lakes, Vermilion is one of the busiest small craft harbors on Lake Erie.

Vermilion (The city of Lake Captains) was incorporated in 1837. Until 1898 the name of the town was spelled with two "els". The name, it is said, came from the color of the clay along the river that native Americans used to make paint.

Through the years Vermilion has been visited by numerous industries: shipping, boat-building, fishing, and lighting. In recent years the Ford Motor Company has been a primary industry in the community. But always ~ Vermilion has been a tourist town attracting visitors from all over our nation.

The little shops, restaurants, and friendly people make visitors feel at home here.

Our historical preservation groups; Harbour Towne 1837, and Vermilion Archival Society work very hard to preserve the history of our town and townships.
The Great Lakes Historical Society has a " hands on" museum that offers wonderful things for youngsters of all ages.

The Vermilion Public and parochial schools are second to none in the State of Ohio. And the Ritter Public Library, situated in the center of the city, is a tremendous asset to all folks ~residents and visitors alike.

The city parks are beautiful. In the downtown section of the city there are two small parks: Exchange and Victory. Victory Park features a pretty rose garden, fountain, and a beautiful pavilion where music concerts are conducted on Sunday evenings during the summer. Exchange Park features old cannons from the Civil War, and has a clock memorial dedicated to all war veterans.

A Third park is Sherod (on the west side of the city). It features a beach, several baseball diamonds, a soccer field, picnic pavilions, play equipment for youngsters, and exercise paths (and work-out) stations on the paths for everyone.

The Vermilion Chamber of Commerce sponsors two wonderful festivals in the community each year; The Festival of the Fish, and the Woollybear Festival.

The Festival of the Fish celebrates a time when Vermilion was a thriving commercial fishing village. Today it hosts a variety of entertainment for everyone. Every year this is celebrated on Father's Day weekend. It's a three day celebration.

The Woollybear Festival is a one day affair. Created and hosted by T.V. 8 Fox Weatherman Dick Goddard it is the largest festival in Ohio. It is not unusual to have 100,000 + people attend this festival and parade. Woollybear is usually in late September or early October, depending on the Cleveland Browns football schedule. Nearly every year the weather for the festival is beautiful. Dick Goddard seems to have an inside connection with Mother Nature.

This friendly community has something for everyone. The Vermilion Lions and Lioness Clubs are extremely active in projects that serve all the people in our community. Vermilion's Rotary Club quietly works to improve all aspects of life in Vermilion, and has done so for numerous years.

Our veterans groups (i.e. Amvets, American Legion, and Veterans of Foreign Wars) continually support civic projects and do a great deal for those in need in the community. They also provide support and encouragement for projects that benefit all the young people in Vermilion.

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