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Name/VERMIN# Location Picture
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Buzz "Buzzard" Ashburn #26 Olympia, WA buzzard 2000 Blue/Silver Interstate.

Fog Lights, Corbin Saddle, CB, Trunk Rack

Ken A. Bagley Sr. #18
Jodi Bagley #19
Tacoma, WA bagley 99 Red/Black Interstate.

Chrome: trunk rack, front fender guard rail, saddlebag guard rails, front wind deflectors, passenger footpeg brackets, trundguard rail. Tank belt, CB antenna kit, windscreen side visor. More accessories coming.

Craig "TAZ" Bassett #173 North Vancouver, BC bassett 1999 Black & Chrome
Kuryakyn grips and highway pegs, Honda backrest and rear carrier, "Dragon" backrest plate, many other chrome accessories including: fork covers, oil filter cover, oil filler cap, master cylinder caps, horn cover, license plate holder, and 6x6 Cobra pipes (no baffles), hence the personal plate that reads: "THNDR".
Mike Bergstrom #176 Puyallup, WA   99 Valk Standard (Silver and Rose)
Robert A. "Croozermon" Bidwell. #1 Renton, WA crooz's ride 97 Black/chrome standard.
Cofounder of VERMIN.

Solo cruiser -- Mustang studded seat/tank bib/rear fender bib, custom maidenhead graphics, Hondaline triple tip exhaust, Kuryakin pegs, air horns, and chrome: intake valance covers, velocity stacks, front fork covers, tranny covers, driveshaft/bolt cover, taillight cover, gauge visors, handlebar switch covers, radiator grille, and front fender trim. Owned since new: 9/97.
Visit Croozermon's "Roadent Roadhouse"
Tom "Bodo" Blanchard. #27 Seattle, WA Bodo's ride 2000 Black/Yellow standard.
Honda HHP MZO Rear Carrier, Kuryakyn Ergo Tour K4050 Dually Pegs, Utopian Driver Backrest, Baker Air Wings w/Uppers Chrome/Smoke VALAWUPCS, Leatherlyke Contemporary Saddlebags S322, Kisan TailBlazer [new spliceless] 10W-D Deceleration Warning dual contact Halogen taillight,"Little Big Horn" LBH AIRHORN by Howard's Hog Horns, AVON Venom-R Tyres
Mike Broome #120
Cindy Broome #121
Lacey, WA Broome 2000 Black/red Tourer
Ken "Rapidrider" Brown #53 Mount Vernon, WA Brown 2002 BMW R1150GS Dual Purpose
Had a Valkyrie Interstate and liked it. Best road bike ever. The BMW allows me to run the dirt and gravel roads in addition to pavement seeking those back country adventures. I love dirt roads...Couldn't do them on my Interstate
Steve "Watchdog" Buck #175 Lake Stevens, WA   2000 Blue/Silver Interstate
Michael "SixPack" Campbell #154 Gig Harbor, WA campbell 2000 Black/Red Tourer
Accessories: The UPS guy knows me by my first name
Jim Carroll #171 Vaughn, WA   1999 Valk Tourer
"VROOM", fast black, of course!
Lance Carter #67 Redmond, WA carter 99 Burgundy/Cream Tourer
Ray Chadwick #178 Granite Falls, WA   98 Valkyrie Standard
Travis "TC" Chlarson #86 Ephrata, WA chlarson 97 Black Standard
purchased in 8/01 from a private party in Redmond. It only had 5100 miles on it. It has Corbin dual seats, Hondaline windshield, light bar, Cobra floorboards and lots of chrome...LOVE MY VALKYRIE...also have a 2000 KTM 640 Dual Sport.
Kent "KC" Crawford #22 Bothell, WA Kent_Crawford 2000 Blue/Silver Interstate
Comfortably equipped w/Chrome, CB, Corbin saddle set, etc
Duane "Cyclops" Crone #23 Seattle, WA Cyclops 2000 Black Tourer
Hondaline - front fender rail, fork wind deflectors, Interstate tank (6.9 gal), Interstate carburetor springs, chrome: radiator cap, oil fill cap, dipstick, engine hangers (with “ratdog” left side mod kit), side covers, Tourer hard bag lid racks, saddlebag guard rails, luggage rack. Kuryakyn – ISO grips (with Throttle Boss), spark plug valence cover, 7966 dually ISO road pegs and passenger pegs, brake pedal cover, transmission cover, helmet pegs. Cobra - 6 into 6 pipes with needle kit, light bar, floor boards. Big Bike Parts – Swingarm Pivot covers, fog lite”bullet” trim rings, front tank bolt trim cover. Wayne’s World – “Dragon” fork wings, rear wheel side covers, sissy bar backrest plate, grill; “bullet” headlite trim ring, “Buttman license plate bracket, carburetor-end covers, neck covers. Rattlebars – kick shifter, quick release bag drop kit. Gerbing - permanent mounted heat controller, passenger portable heat controller. Harley Davidson – Air foil shifter pegs, front fender mounted mud flap. Mustang - Studded seat, back rest, passenger seat and backrest. Progressive - 440 rear shocks (11 ¾ “), front fork spring. Kisan “Trail Blazer” tail light. Metzler ME880 tires. K & N air filter. Del City grounded fuse panel. Amsoil SM5103C oil filter. Turn signal buzzer. ClearView windshield. VistaCruise throttle lock. Handlebar top-riser clamp clock. Lamonster “Flat 6” reservoir covers. Valentine Radar Detector and Ram Mounting hardware. Rivco - Air Horns. Add On - Velocity Stacks. Black leather lever covers with fringe. “Justin” seam filled, custom painting on the Tourer hard bags. Joe Rocket – “expandable” tank bag Nelson Rigg 600 series luggage with adaptor straps for the Mustang Passenger back rest. SaddleMan – Studded sissy bar bag.
Larry #162, Karen #163, and Yshaia #164 Dare Kent, WA   2000 Red/Black Interstate
William Diller #174 Lopez Island, WA   2003 Black Valk
Dan Doyle #117 Roseville, CA Black Valk with sidecar
Nick "Nasty" Dudley #21 and
Ursel "Evil" Dudley #101
Port Coquitlam, BC 98 Standard - candy burgundy.

Stainless brake, clutch and throttle cables, Mustang seat, Cobra 6-6 pipes, K&N filter, TBR rad hose and airhorns,chrome backrest plate, national cycle windshield (chopped),heritage bags, cobra reservoir covers and bar clamp, aeromach fork tips, stainless speedo cable, Cobra tank bolt and radiator side covers, Jardine oil filter cover, chrome license plate frame, Cobra floorboards, Big Bike turn signal grilles and mirrors, Dyna3000 ignition, Rattlebars Kick shift, Hondaline engine hangar and swingarm pivot covers, Big Bike chrome dipstick and oil filler cap, Kuryakyn Hiway Pegs and Banjo bolt covers.
Paint by DB custom motorcycles (House of Kolor), candy burgundy with ghost lightning bolts

Jim Dutton #167 Bremerton, WA   1997 Red/White Valkyrie
She had 953 miles on her when I got her 7/07/03. She came with tourer saldle bags. (Plan to paint flames or flag on them haven't decided yet.) I've added the memphis shade, crome dip stick and oil cap, the chrome fender extenision for the front and rear fenders. Plan to add many chrome pieces, electronics, and lights. No particlar order, just what seems right at the time.
Gary "Crip" Eckermann #95 Burlington, WA   1999 Black Interstate
Dennis & Lisa Finn #10 Kent, WA finn 98 Jade/Black Tourer.

Cobra: passenger floorboards, billet light bar, scalloped handlebar clamp and resv covers.
ShowChrome: saddle bag racks, radiator grill cover, radiator cap cover, oil filler cap, highway pegs.
Hondaline: luggage rack, triple tips, backrest plate w/Valk logo, engine gap covers.
ProOne: turn signal visors, brake pedal pad.
Rivco: air horns, oil filter cover.
Mustang Seat and tank bib, Vista Universal Cruise Control. Gelpad in passenger seat. T-bag. TwoBrothers oil temp dipstick. Gorilla cycle alarm. Gerbing heated gloves. Brake light flasher. ....gave up counting....

VERMIN webmaster.
See my Valkyrie page.

Ken "Biker Boy" Fox #158 Port Angeles, WA   Recently completed purchase of 2000 InterState. Now have the entire Valkyrie family in my garage. 97' Standard, Red & White, plenty of chrome, 2 Bros. pipes.. 98' Tourer, Black & Chrome, stock pipes, (stealh bike). 00' Interstate, Black & Red, Cobra pipes....

Thoroughly enjoy all 3 bikes. Each bike is unique, fantastic machines. Always interested in suggestions..., new aftermarket accessories to add. Am retired so always interested in rides.
Blue Skies, KFox

Don "Tailgunner" Gatterman #58 and
Eva "Teacher" Gatterman #105
Tumwater, WA Gatterman, Don 98 Green/Black Tourer.
Hondaline bagbars, sixpack rack, and front fender chrome, custom graphics, Rivco sissy bars, air horns, and center stand. Cobra passenger boards. Handle bar pullbacks, carburetor V-stacks, and Hiway pegs.
Mark "Lab Rat" Gatterman #103 Gig Harbor, WA Gatterman, Mark 2001 Standard Metallic Blue/Opal White Stripe
Utopia backrest.
Michael and Linda Gerrard #130 & #131 Renton, WA   1999 Red & Black Interstate.
CB, rear speakers, custom grips and pegs, utility trailer
Larry "Hondasan" Gordon #168 Port Angeles, WA   2000 Red/Black Standard
BOSS bags, Gerbing, Rattlebars grill, Cobra light bar, Radiantz tail light, stuff
old sushi is better then old chicken
Robby Graves #32
Carrie "Deerwhistle" Graves #99
Matthew Graves #100
Kent, WA Robby: 99 Pearl Green/Silver Interstate
Hondaline- luggage rack, cb, saddlebag guards, fork wings. Kuryakyn- Iso grips, throttleboss, cruise pegs. Waynes World- maiden grill and fairing wings. Goldwing windshield (modified).

Carrie: 2001 Pearl White Honda 750 Shadow Spirit

Richard (Rick) Gray #50 Auburn, WA Guite 1998 Shadow Spirit, Yellow and Pearl
Charles "Ratdog" Greene #68 Seattle, WA Ratdog 99 Standard, Black
Hondaline: Windshield, Interstate tank, hard-mounted leather bags, luggage rack, fork-mounted wind deflectors, Interstate carb springs, chrome engine hanger covers.
Waynes World: A gaggle of his get up.
Kuryakyn: 4050 pegs, Pilot rider pegs, trans covers, intake valance, ISO grips/throttle boss.
Cobra: Passenger boards, radiator cap cover, oil fill cap, dipstick.
Pro-One: Chrome fork stem nut cover, fork cap covers.
Rattlebars: Kick-shifter (w/Harley "Airfoil" shifter pegs)
Russell Day-Long Saddles: Leather clad, pouch, rain cover.
Viking Exhaust System: Needle kit included.
Baker Air Wings: w/Dragon covers.
Electrical: Kisan Tailblazer, Gerbing, Radar Detector, Wayne's lights.
Bob Dron Fairing at times as well.

VERMIN Director

Don Haines #156 Kennewick, WA   99 Black Interstate
Jeff Hamm #150 Sammamish, WA   98 Blue & Cream Standard Valkyrie
Floor boards, driver and passenger, Mustang seat, Throttle Meister, aftermarket wind screen and some extra chrome.
Lee "Bubba" Heffernan #5
Toni Heffernan
Sumner, WA leetee 98 Yellow/Ivory Standard, "Twist & Shout"

Additions: Heritage Saddle bags and Tank Panel w/ studs and conchos, Cobra passenger floor boards, Mustang seat w/driver backrest and passenger backrest w/ studs and conchos, Two Brothers braided radiator hose, Kuryakyn Dually hiway pegs, Kuryakyn brake pedal cover, Richie T's Cycle Lift, Tour King Half Cover, 24K GOLD PLATED TANK BADGES.

Dean "Bulldogger" Heimberger #39 Buckley, WA   2000 Blue/Silver Interstate.
Kirk "Loki" Hilse. #6 and Leslie "Chchchchia" Hilse #69 Seattle, WA   97 Red/White Standard - "Mjollnir/MJOLNR".

Additions: Hondaline luggage rack, Heritage saddlebags, Heritage tank bib, CycleLift jack, Rivco Air Horns, TBR 6-6 pipes.

Visit his web site

Michael Horgan#160 Redmond, WA   98 Mint Green/Black Tourer
Ron Jamerson #172 Kirkland, WA   2001 Black & Grey Valk Standard
Connelly "CJ" Johnson #132 Seattle, WA   2000 Red/Black Tourer
Wayne "PW" Kinsman #3 Edgewood, WA Wayne PW
Wayne's Other Ride
97 Purple/White custom Standard
Custom chrome work.
1st place, "Valkyrie stock" class, May 2001 Governors Run.
Waynes World Motorcycle Accessories
10022 32ND St E.
Edgewood WA 98371
Phone # (253) 841-8594.1
Robert Kitzinger #17 Everett, WA   Valkyrie
Melanie Kitzinger #61 Everett, WA   Harley
Brad Knowles #102 Seatac, WA   98 Standard
KustomCycleKoncepts paint job, Blue with red, orange and yellow flames, Leatherlyke saddlebags, Hondaline windshield, luggage rack and chrome swingarm covers.
Justin Knowles#119 Kent, WA   98 standard with blue, black, and checkers custom paint
Once again under major metal reconstruction at kustom cycle koncepts
Website at: KustomCycleKoncepts.com
Robert "Buffalo BobL" Langley #33 Everett, WA langley 2000 red/black tourer.
"V" Carb Stacks, Chrome master cyl.risers, radiator cap, hose kit, tube toppers,axle covers, Rattlebar Fork filler-w- Valkyrie emblem, Halogen 55watt driving lights-w-visors, Hondaline front fender trim, Engine hanger covers, Saddle bag pipe, six into six exhaust tips,K uryakyn trans covers, sparkplug valance and caliper covers, Waynes World radiator cover, sissybar emblem and yoke covers, Solo cruiser clock, Helment Guardian, Back off brake module, Hyper brake lights, K&N air filter, custom stainless brake lines, Avon tires, Rivco air horns, chrome allen caps through out. Gerbings heater system. Front and rear fender chrome. Stainless clutch line. Chrome front tank mount. Stainless speedo line.
More Chrome?
Simon Lau #15 Aldergrove, BC lau 97 Green/White Tourer.

Hondaline luggage rack, Corbin seats, digital clock, Autocom communications unit, electric vest.

Coming: K&N airfilter

Danny "Flames" Lovato #63 Black Diamond, WA flames 98 Standard, Candy Apple Red with Ghost Flames
Chromes things up and always adding flames
Painted (Candy Apple Red with Ghost Flames) by Justin Knowles (fellow VERMIN) at Kustom Cycle Koncepts...web site @ KustomCycleKoncepts.com.
John "JMAC" Macfarlane #2 Redmond, WA jmac 97 Red/White Standard

Mustang seat, drilled baffles, highway pegs, crashbar mounted spotlights, polished resvr covers, Gerbing heated gloves.

Cofounder of VERMIN.

Lee Magnuson #106 Yakima, WA   2000 Black/Chrome Interstate
Scott "TR/The Rookie" Marelli #170 Newcastle, WA   2001 Black/Silver Standard

VERMIN Co-director

Richard "Valkano" Martin #76 Portland, OR   98 Black/Chrome Tourer
Monte Melvin #124 Puyallup, WA   2000 Blue/Silver Interstate
Scott "Scooter" Mertlich #152 Puyallup, WA Scooter Mertlich 98 Mint & Black Tourer
Brian "Dusty" Miller #116 Victoria, BC   99 Green/Silver Interstate
Phil "Midnight" Noon#165 Lake Stevens, WA Midnight 1997 classic black and chrome - 75,500 miles and counting!!
Rod "RODDO" O'Brien#161 Auburn, WA   2002 VTX 1800-R Candy Orange
Tim "YO" Osier #7
VOA#162 & VRCC#2427
Sophie Columbi #169
Ravensdale, WA Tim O.
Tim O.
97 Red &White Standard

Black "2000" BossHoss
5700cc 355hp
1st place in Custom class, May 2001 Governors Run with "The Beast".
Visit his web site

Bill Pavone #8 and Lia Pavone #62 Lakewood, WA Pavone 98 Blue/cream Standard

Bill is the VERMIN Chapter Treasurer.
Lia is his wife and co-rider

Dug Pellegrini #87 Vashon Island, WA   97 Purple/White Standard
Rocky "Rocky" Peters #141 Tacoma, WA   98 Black Valkyrie
Dean "Greywolf" Rogers #138 Woodinville, WA   2001 Black/Champagne Interstate
Jo Ruby #14 Yakima, WA 97 Black Tourer
VERMIN Secretary
Steve "BigSteve" Rulien #135 Tacoma, WA   1998 Maroon and Cream Standard.
Memphis Fats windscreen, Leather Lyke hard sidebags, Kuryakyn highway pegs, Texan T-bag, and chrome, chrome, chrome.
Dave "Roop" Rupp #35 Milwaukie, OR    
Samuel "BearJaws" Schorsch #129 and Myla Schorsch #137 Everett, WA 99 Black/Silver Standard

Ebay purchase of Standard '99 Valk, Black and Silver in color with 503 actual miles, as of Sept 2002. Bullet Tips on exhaust, Show Chrome Tank Cover, Chrome Oil Filter Cover. Added Memphis Shades windshield, Chrome Swing Arm Covers, Chrome Luggage Rack, Front Fork Leather Tool bag, Ultimate Big Boy seats and back rests, Heritage Saddle Bags, Kuryakin front cruiser pegs, and passenger Wing pegs, so far.

John Shackleford #155 Portland, OR   99 Black Interstate
Packs & Stacks "by Woody"
Mark "Woody" Skelton #114 Beaverton, OR 2000 Supervalk IS
Ben R. Smith #151 Everett, WA   2000 Black and Red Valkyrie Tourer
Ray Smith #40 Washougal, WA    
Les Snodgrass #149 Olympia, WA 1999 Black & Silver Valkyrie
I have added to my low mileage bike a Memphis Shade windshield, Leatherlyke saddlebags and Ultimate (aftermarket) seats and backrests (and BOY, are they worth the money!!).
Terry #30, and Dona #94 Thomas Des Moines, WA 98 Red/Ivory Tourer
Barry "Bair" Trudeau #78 Tacoma, WA   99 Black/Silver Standard
Jim "jet" Trunzo #9
Carol "burban" Trunzo #42
East Wenatchee, WA    
Bill Wallace #166 Seattle, WA 99 Valkyrie - black and not enough chrome
Steve Wamba #177 Everett, WA   98 Black Valkyrie Tourer
Jim "Boatguy" Wartchow #66 Issaquah, WA Boatguy
99 Green/Silver Interstate
Pearl Sonoma Green & Ocean Gray Metallic were the Special two-tone Colors for the first year model of the 1999 Valkyrie Interstate which included hard saddle bags, a passenger seat, large trunk, a full fairing with fuel gauge, two trip meters and speakers for the integrated AM-FM-AUX. Additional accessories include Rear Passenger Speakers, CB Radio, Single CD Player, Exotic’s Real Rose Wood Dash and other accents pieces, Throttle Lock, RAM mounted Garmin GPS and Valentine One Radar Detector, KuryAkyn Billet Trunk Rack, KuryAkyn Ergo Dually ISO Pegs, Saddle Bag Scuff Plates, Chrome Swing Arm Covers, Rich’s Customized Saddle w/gel pad. Custom Monogrammed Truck & Saddle Bag Luggage plus Trunk Rack Bag & Rain Fly. Safety features include Kisan Pathblazer Headlight Modulator, Kisan Trailblazer Brake Light Modulator, Kisan Signal-minder canceller, and Kriss Taillight Wigwag LED's. Chrome Rivco Center Stand. Bought new in May of ’01. Major trips to Sturgis (’01 – 3,700miles), Laughlin River Run (’02 – 5,000miles)
Michael Wechsler #159 Issaquah, WA   2003 Black Standard
Martin "Buck" Weinbaum #98 Marysville, WA   2000 Black Interstate
Added Hondaline chrome trunk & saddle bag rails, 10 disk CD changer (with WA-proof controls (waterproof :), voltmeter, heated grips, Hondaline fog lights, Valkyrie Standard/Tourer tail light (hated the plastic plate), Tulsa windshield, Tulsa lower fairing wings, and removed all honda/valkyrie badges. Using AVON tires front & rear.
Bruce "Scrape" White #20 Kent, WA Scrape 2000 Black Tourer
Thomas "Wayne"/"SR" and Debbie Willette #34 Cle Elum, WA   99 Interstate, Black & Chrome

Debbie on back. Cute, silly 115 Lb blonde. Queen of manly men! My Valkyrie Angel.

I own the shell station in Cle Elum, Vermin and associates get a 10 cent a gallon discount on gas.

Kurt Williams #157 Portland, OR   1998, Base Valkyrie, Mystique Purpleen 2/pearl yellow paneling trimmed w/silver leaf and purple pinstriping. Cobra exhaust, Corbin seating and a few other goodies.
Eric "Mistershredd" Wilson #71
Cathy "CZ Shredd" Wilson #93
Las Vegas, NV Mistershredd 97 Yellow/Black "Bastard Tourer"
Corbin beetle bags & side covers, Corbin seats, Hondaline windshield (in the winter).
John "Deer Slayer" Wood, #31 & Tami "Dragon Lady" Wood #92 Marysville, WA Deerslayers 2000 Black Tourer
Steven Wortman #60 Renton, WA wortman 98 Maroon and Ivory Tourer.
Dan Woxland #83 Bellevue, WA   1999 Maroon/Cream Tourer. Purchased new in Aug. '01.