Cudahy Curly, the cannibalistic pig, welcomes you!
The re-vamping of this site has begun! But Curly and the new background are just the beginning. Expect more from Vermin Boy: for all your Vermin needs!

Today's secret word is "parody!"
The Demons Of Stupidity
I'm a member of the comedy group The Demons of Stupidity. To check out our CD, Save Your Hair ($5 cheap!), or to buy a t-shirt of the picture above (for you die-hard verminites!) follow the link, or just e-mail me. To hear a sample of what you're buying, click on the cover art below. (Sample is in MP3 format and is 428 kb).
Save Your Hair-- Only $5!
Chick here for a track list


Monkey Fear Cafe!- Click for sample
The Demons of Stupidity have released their second album, Monkey Fear Cafe! This one's $10 (which is still cheaper than anything you'll find in a record store), but if you're new to the Demons, this one's the one to get. Click on the cover image for an mp3 sample, and click here for the track list, then mail me to place an order! Please?

Where's your udders?
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To see my stunning report on deja vu, cick here

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Behold, our latest addition: Uncle Vermin's Internet Sideshow!!!

Even Curly loves the other white meat!
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Our mascot, Cudahy Curly, was adopted from the Orphanage of Cast-Off Mascots. For a bio of him and why he's, um, eating his own kind, go here.

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