Interesting Geography Related Sites and Tips:
World Geography:

CIA - The World Factbook: - providing facts on countries of your choice.
National Geographic - offering some lesson plans for teaching geography at the 9-12 grade level - offering links to atlases and guides, geography quizzes, map clip art, map questions, country flags, current time, geography facts and outline maps


United Nations - some of the world's largest cities (with information on cities like Jakarta, Shanghai, Rome, Paris, New Tork, Mexico City, Toronto, etc.)

United Nations - This site provides lesson plans covering topics such as: What is a City?, Brief History of Urban Expansion, What is a City Made Of?, What Makes Cities Grow, Consequences of Urbanization and Sustainable Cities.

U.S. Census Bureau - International Data Bank - allows you to enter a year between 1950 and 2050 and obtain a ranking of the populations for all countries that year, or for the top 100 countries for that year, or for the top 50 countries, or the top 10 countries.,

Population Reference Bureau - Population Change, Resources and the Environment - poverty and wealth, renewable resources, etc.
Other: - site describes how different countries celebrate Christmas

Puzzlemaker - allows you to create your own word search, criss-cross, cryptogram puzzles, etc. A really neat and useful site.

Helping your children learn Geography - aids to help children learn direction, and mapping skills

The Geography Page - links to about 20 sites from this page which will enhance your geography knowledge in many different areas

Geography Literacy Games - Where Am I?, GeoPictionary, AtlasABC's - scroll down to get to games

General Canadian Geography Information:

Statistics Canada - providing statistical data on a variety of topics (population, migration, fishing, etc.)

Facts About Canada - by Natural Resources Canada - includes shorelines of the Great Lakes, rivers, freshwater areas, Carto Corner, Atlas of Canadian Communities, parks and environment, weather...

Canadian Geographic - articles relating to geographical issues in Canada
Fish, fishing and fisheries:

Fish and Fisheries of the Great Lakes Region - mainly American data, but also some Canadian sites.
Fish - Aquatic Environments - A primer on fish in Canada
Map projection basics
Map projection programs and maps
Maps - you name it they have it in terms of maps (includes maps of Nunavut)
Maps101 - includes pronunciation games, geography crosswords, outline maps, etc.
On-line Map creation - exactly what it says
Water -

A Primer on Fresh Water (in Canada) - general facts about fresh water, how we use it, how we share it, an ecosystem perspective...

Figures for solutions to a water-short world - based more on world water concerns, but good for a comparison

Environment Canada - The Weather Office - featuring a map of Canada and the current weather conditions, offers links to world weather and US weather.  Also provides a Wind Chill/Humidex Calculator, the marine forecast, a text forecast, etc.

The Weather Network - just like on television - offering weather watches and warnings, current conditions, forecasts by city, etc.