Jobs in Geography...
- research and identify the educational requirements for a career related to geogaphy;
- locate and use effectively geographic material from a variety of sources (e.g., field research, surveys, interviews) and secondary sources (mainstream and alternative media, CD-ROMs, Internet) to research a geographic issue;
- create and use effectively photographs, charts, graphs, models and diagrams;
- use different types of maps (e.g., road, topographical, thematic) to interpret geographic relationships, including changes over time in a specific location;
Prior Knowledge Required:
- ability to read want ads and course guides for colleges and universities
- basic mapping skills
- basic chart developing skills
- 30 copies of a map of Ontario
- course guides to Ontario colleges and universities (usually available at the guidance office)
- a selection of classified/careers sections from newspapers across Canada (collected over a period of a month -- students can help with this).  See also sites like
Workopolis for ads on the Internet.
- for students who have diffiiculties reading, they can use a dictionary to improve their vocabulary and look up unfamiliar words
Content and Learning Strategies:

1.  Brainstorm jobs in a geography related field.  Select volunteers from the class and have two recorders to record jobs on board.

2.  Have students copy out the list of jobs into their notes.

3.  Have students work in groups of 3-4.  Provide each group with at least 6 classified/careers sections.

4.  Students analyse newspapers to find jobs related to geography.

5.  When a student finds a job related to geography they copy down the type of degree required or experience in geography (number of years, area, etc.) and the newspaper section they got the information from, so they can share the section with other groups.

6.  Have students analyse course guides for universities and colleges to determine which post-secondary institutions offer degrees and diplomas related to geography (meterology, earth sciences, etc.).

7.  Plot the number of degrees/diplomas offered at each post-secondary institution in Ontario onto a map of Ontario (students can decide on how to set up their legend).  Recommend colour coding certain programs (ex. urban geography = grey dot).
Assessment and Evaluation:
- hand in map of Ontario for assessment
- discuss with students the opportunities they discovered for employment in the geography field