Vernal Pools Certification Team
Welcome to the home page of the Vernal Pools Certification Team coordinated by the Nashua River Watershed Association and The Friends of Willard Brook.

We are working to certify vernal pools in  Massachusetts in the general area of the
Nashua River Watershed.

Do you have a vernal pool we can certify?  Let us know!
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The team coordinates its activities via the VernalPoolTeam Yahoo Group, click here to visit or join:
Vernal Pool Association
Contact Info:
Cathy Kristofferson
Friends of Willard Brook
Fairy Shrimp
09-10-2005 Fieldwork Townsend
Upcoming Events:
Meeting Minutes & Event Photos:
08-02-2005 Initial Meeting
Mass Natural Heritage & Endangered Species
08-13-2005 Fieldwork West Townsend
We are creating a Yahoo Groups Photo Album of potential venal pool site maps
check them out!
04-22-2006 Fieldwork Townsend
04-15-2006 Fieldwork Townsend
04-12-2008 10am Fieldwork, meet Town Hall Townsend
04-27-2008 10am Fieldwork, meet Town Hall Townsend
09-17-2006 Fieldwork Townsend