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Hey all, and thanks for checking out my site. Above you'll find Links to my other pages. My HOMEPAGE is well..just homepage, it has just about everything you ever wanted to know about me (and anything else that you couldn't give a fuck less about.) My WRESTLING CAREER tells you about my days as a Professional Wrestler in the States. 4 years of pure fucking torture, injury, agony, and travel out the ass...I LOVED IT! My RANTS AND RAVES is just a site that I put up when I was bored (no decent tv here in New Zealand.) I basically just use it as a forum to bitch about shit that annoys me and to try out new page effects.  If you're offended easily dont click there...hell..if you're easily offended WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING LOOKING AT MY SITE?? Did I give you the addy? or did someone else?..either way Enjoy if you have similar tastes as me and are into funny/morbid/weird/twisted shit if not sorry to take up your time.