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Hello, I am a 35 year old man from Salt Lake City (SLC), Utah. I served a stint in the Army and didn't ever like it. It was a job, and a steady one at that. I left the Army on October 14th 1999, after 3 years, 2 months, and 27 days. Entirely too long. After the Army I built Cellular Telephone Tower antenna's and grew up a ton. I climbed towers upto 300' tall and it was frightening. I am now on to a new venture and I think in should be quite prosperous. I would tell you more about it, but I think I have some bill collectors who find out all they can from me here. I'm married and I love my wife very much. Samantha is my friend. Not only a wife, but my friend. We have been married for 11 years, and I would do it all again. She is from New Madrid, Missouri and we have lived there and in Utah and Colorado. She is a talented lady and is very artistic. Artistic plays out in many ways. Music, which I will touch on later, but also decorating, painting, making furniture, and style. She always asks if I like a shirt she wants to buy me? I tell her I don't care just as long as she likes it on me. She is beautiful and I love her with all my heart. You can email her here. We have 3 kids as you will see below, and my life revolves around them. We lived in Salt Lake for about 4 years after I got out of the Army. My mother-in-law had terminal breast cancer. So my we moved back to New Madrid so my wife could take care of her Mom. She had 9 months with her Mom before the God took her home. When that was over we had a family meeting to decide where we were going to live. My wife, my boys and myself wanted to go back to Salt Lake. My daughter who had already started high school here wanted to stay through high school. So we are in Missouri for another 2 years. After that its back to Salt Lake.

Our Family Photo's

I'm the second shortest guy in the picture, the scruffy one.

My kids are the most important, beautiful, and special parts of my life. When you compare the crap in this world against the innocence of our children it's easier to put this world into perspective. Out of all of God's wonderful creation, there is nothing that compares to our children. The problems exist when the crap reaches our children, then when the ugliness of this world corrupts the minds of innocence, we have the most screwed up of circumstances. So cherish your children and your time with them, treat them with love, but don't "BABY" them, this world won't baby them and it's better they learn that life isn't always fair and can be rough in the loving arms' of their parents' and families.

To meet our Kids

I am from the best city in America,

Salt Lake City, Utah.

The growth in SLC is incredible, and yet it still has a "small city" feel. The people are kind, the schools are good, and the surroundings are as beautiful as it gets. If you ever have the chance to visit, or stay for a while, take the opportunity and have the time of your life.

Travel Guide to Salt Lake

City Guide

Salt Lake Tribune

My life (if you can call it a life)

I was born in Las Vegas, Nevada on March 17th, 1971 @ 4:12pm. Our family lived in Vegas until I was 5. I don't have very many memories of Vegas, mainly the ones when we went back to visit. Both of my parents are from SouthEast Missouri. My dad enlisted in the Air Force in August of 1964. He was stationed at Nellis Air Force Base in Las Vegas. My Mom is the most incredible musician you would ever meet. When she left Missouri in 1966, she was considered the best Trumpet player in the State. She is even better on the Piano. She moved to Los Angeles, California on April the 1st 1966 to live with her Dad. She moved to L.A. because that was closer to Vegas where my Dad was stationed than SouthEast Missouri. In L.A., 1966, she was offered a job as a recording studio musician, artist comes in to record an album, sets the sheet music down and the musicians play and they cut the record. The job offer was for $25.00 an hour, in '66. Now my Dad is an Apostolic Preacher, and that is what brought us to SLC. Dad took this Church and has been here every since. Mom is a recreational therapist, and works in Senior homes, helping our nation's "Seasoned" citizens. My wife is Samantha. She is from New Madrid, Missouri. The same town my mom is from. I met my wife on a family trip back to Missouri. We have been married since the first of April, 1993. She is very talented musically. She won a singing contest on the Nashville Network. She plays keyboards and drums, and her voice can only be compared to artists like Celine Dion, Whitney, and Martina McBride. I used to feel cheesy for saying my wife has an incredible voice, because I was sure other men felt the same about their wives, but I don't care now. The bottom line...her voice is better than anyone you know, and that's the truth. One day I will get her a demo recorded and put a track online so you can hear for yourselves. She is very smart and has a good sense of humor. I hope to give her all she deserves. She is my best friend and I miss her when we are not together. I have one sister, Glenna, who is 14 months younger than me. She is the brightest, most talented woman in business that I have ever met. She has taken every job she has ever had, and worked her way up, until no one wants her to leave. She is married (to my brother-in-law Shane of course) and they have been married for over 10 years. Glenna is much smarter than I am (that's not saying much Glenna) and has been very successful any place SHE has decided to work, and I am very proud of her. Shane works for the city of Salt Lake in the Operations Department of the Salt Lake International Airport. He has always wanted to be a pilot and has his private pilots license, he truly loves planes, so this job is great for him. They have two children. Abigail is 8, and is as cute as a little girl should be. I left SLC before Abigail was a year old, and it took time to build a relationship with her. She has a little brother named Connor. He is the most MANLY little boy I have ever been around. I swear he will have hair on his chest by the time he is 5 and he's 4 now. I am very close to him, I love him with all my heart. They call me Uncle Funkin, I think that's easier than Vernon, don't you? My brother is Dave. He is married to Andrea and they have 3 children. Dave, Andrea and the kids just moved back to SLC from Louisiana where he worked on a ranch helping troubled youth. He now works at the same company as Glenna and is doing well. He is a hard working punk if there ever was one. He also works about 30 hours a week at night on the loading dock of a trucking company. Sebastian is their son, he is 11. Sebastian is a good kid and always eager to help out. They also have beautiful twin daughters, Elysa and Alyea born last August. They are both big eyed, beautiful fat babies.

Here is Abby and Connor and don't tell me she isn't beautiful and he don't look like a fighter.

Beautiful Abigail

Trouble with a capitol C

There is something in the beauty of women and something special about the way they make men feel. Every man I know has that special look or trait that really attracts their attention, and I am no different. So to find out what it is that I like go here.


While in the Army, I was in the JAG Corps, so I had ONE of the best jobs in the Army. I had the privilege to work for Major James Patterson and former Special Forces stud and one great attorney. I learned more about life and living with Major Patterson than I am sure he will ever realize. I was stationed with the Fighting Fifth (5th Engineer Battalion (Combat)(Mechanized) at Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri. That was the only time during my tour of duty that I was in a deploy-able line unit, and it sucked. Before Leonard Wood, I was at Fort Carson, Colorado. At Fort Carson, I worked in a JAG office with a bunch of attorneys and support staff, and at Leonard Wood I worked in a Battalion personnel office for an engineer unit.. I like the office better. I had no desire to see the world in a Army uniform. I want to see the world...on my dollar, my time, and leave when I want to leave. The Army was just a job, and pretty easy but not worth the aggravation of dealing with small minded, idiotic people like First Lieutenant Bradly McDowell Voorhees, a small minded, manipulative, want to be leader.

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Fort Leonard Wood

Fort Carson

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