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A Refreshing Change for Ward 4 in Vaughan
So you may read more clearly what Canada Wide said about me, I have retyped the letter below:

Please accept this letter as confirmation of my association with Vernon Hendrickson and as verification of the manís sincerity and dedication to hard work. When Vernon joined the Toronto Sun circulation department  he quickly displayed his willingness to tackle any task and to do that little extra in order to be the best. 

He earned much praise and some awards for his sales efforts and at the same time was able to organize his group of carriers into one of the best in Toronto. He had a unique ability to be able to converse effectively with both adults and adolescents. 

Vernon was promoted to be an assistant supervisor, a roll in which he was able to pass on his knowledge through training of new district managers. I always found Vernon to be loyal, honest, trustworthy, and beyond reproach. 

I wish him well in his new endeavors and if ever I can be of any further assistance I would be please to talk with you. 

Yours truly 

Joe King

Vice President  and

General Manager.

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