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Ada MP1 preamp

Ada Pearce preamp

Akai S1000 sampler

BBE Maximiser  

Behringer mixer

Boss GT-6  

Budda Bud-Wah

Digitech DSP 128

Digitech GSP 21

Digitech IPS 33B

Digitech MEQ DUAL
 14 graph eq

Digitech XP 300
  Space Station

Digitech Whammy pedal

Digitech Whammy pedal 2

Electro Harmonix delay

Eventide H3000 SE  

EMu Audity

Rocktron Hush

Jim Dunlop Cry Baby

Korg KVP001

Korg ER-1

Lake Butler sound RFC1
  midi mitigator  

Line 6 Echo mod  

Line 6 Echo pro  

Line 6 Filter pro  

Mesa Boogie Tri-axis

Moog Music MF-101

Oberheim DXP1 sample

Pro co Rat

Rocktron Intellifex

Rocktron ProGap

Rocktron Patchmate

Roland GP-8  

Rolls mixer

Sound Sculpture
Switchblade GL  

TC electronics G-Force

Uptown Tech.
 Flash stereo switcher

Uptown Tech.
 Great divide 

Yamaha D-1500



 Aslin Dane
 Vernon Reid Limited Edition

Dave Smith Evolver 

 Gibson MAX G synth

Starr datapump

Micro Nord synth

Casio MG 210

Roland GI-20

Roland GR-1

Roland GR-20

Roland GR-50

Roland GR-300

Roland GR-500

Roland VG 88



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