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Hello, my name is veronica. I am a transvestite I like to dress up like a woman ,I love short skirts and sexy dresses and lingerie. I love to shopping and getting new clothes. I live in the northwest indiana area there is not alot to do here for a person like me I am limetid to the places I can go and feel comfortable. I've been to Helen's in michigan city a few times, It's a fun place and the people there are always very nice. If anyone knows where transvestites and crossdressers can go and feel comfortable in the area please email me and let me know. I am 24 years old. All of my friends have moved away recantly so that really sucks. I work in some stupid factory right now that I can not stand but I am looking for a new job. If any one knows of any good jobs in the area or some place where a person lke me could work please email me. I plan on building a better site soon with more photo's and maybe a webcam. check out my photo's tell me what you think. well bye for now and please sign my guestbook