Welcome to Veronika On-line

That's the only place on the web, that will provide you any necessary information about Veronika - the most beautiful woman of the Earth...

Andy Warhol used Marylin, 'cause he didn't know Veronika...Welcome to my site! My name is Veronika, I'm 23 and I have recently graduated the University of Warsaw, Poland. If you'd like to find out more, here you have some basic info.

Lots of things can be found here, 'cause I have many interests... You can watch my photos, which I think you'll like ;-), there is also a gallery of my pictures. A couple new images are just on the way.

I love animals, especially little dogs (top of which is my own - Diana).

And I'm also quite keen on a Japanese invention - Kisekae Set System and I'm just starting to make my own sets. Two of them are here already and another two are under construction.

Plus, the newest addition, I finally managed to put my stories here, on the net. Bad news: they're available in Polish only

If you think this could be of any interest to you and I think it could, just try! And if you like it here, just let me know via e-mail:veroniq@mail.com.

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