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All Japanese animation, of course, will accompanied by musics. In Sailormoon, the musics were absolutely superb especially the theme song of the SailorStars siries, "Sailor Star's Song", "Search For Your Love" and Sailormoon S ending theme song, "Tuxedo Mirage". All the three songs above are my favourites and I strongly recommend them for you all. Other than that, the other musics that have been included in the Sailormoon siries can also be found here. Please feel free to download them for your listening pleasure.
You will need Winamp to play these music files. Don't have one? Download the latest version now at before you download these music files.
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Siries Title Singer Lyrics Size
Sailormoon SailorStars "Sailor Star Song" Hanazawa Kae None 3,636 Kb
"Nagareboshi he"
(Search For Your Love)
Three Lights
(The Sailor Starlights)
None 4,492 Kb
"Todokanu Omoi"
(Unreachable Feelings: My Friend's Love)
Three Lights
(The Sailor Starlights)
None 3.65M
"Kaze mo Sora mo Kitto"
(The Wind, The Sky, Always)
Mizuki Arisa None 4,491 Kb
Sailormoon Super S "Moonlight Densetsu"
(Moonlight Legend)
Moon Lips None 2,711 Kb
"Rashiku Ikimasho" Meu None 3,325 Kb
Sailormoon S "Takisiido Miraaju"
(Tuxedo Mirage)
Peach Hips (The Inner Senshi) None 3,389 Kb
Sailormoon R "Otome no Policy"
(A Maiden's Policy)
Ishida Yoko None 3,045 Kb
Sailormoon "Heart Moving" Takamatsu Misae None 3,424 Kb
"Princess Moon"
(Muun Purinsesu)
Hashimoto Ushio None 3,804 Kb