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The faeries have lost their laughter.
The nymphs have forgotten their dance.
The dreamer, you see,
is no longer able to dream.
Now she sits, head bowed,
She is mourning.
Mourning the loss of the source of her dreaming.
He is gone.
Lost forever into the dark of the Night.
No more is he there to comfort her sorrows.
No more is he there when all else is wrong.
The dreams melt away to pools of salted tears.
Quietly she remembers all that has passed between them.
Times in her heart she knows to be Pure.
The faeries smile.
The nymphs flutter.
They know her memories keep pleasant dreams alive.
A rainbow forms overhead.
The dreamer arises from her bed of down.
She looks out across the horizon.
Above her, a falling star glides.
Its brilliance shining across the heavens.
She ponders a moment in silent thought.
In search,
once again,
for the source of her dreams.

K. D. Loy (Copyright, 1994 with 1997 revamp)

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