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The Last Days:
An Apocalyptic Look at Finals Week

I'm Tired of Sex:
A Rant

Bleeding Hearts and Bleeding Ears:
Top 40 Radio's Less-than-Redeeming Qualities

A Year in Retrospect

Peter Jackson is OK:
A Few Thoughts About His LOTR Films

The Man Speaks Out:
Are We Just Being Reactionary?

Come, Let Us Reason Together:
An Open Letter to My non-Reformed Christian Brothers and Sisters

I'd Rather be Crying:
I come out of the emo closet...for a moment

If You Force Them, They Will Come.
My Spiritual and Cultural Health does NOT Depend on LC's Chapel Program

Back into Bondage:
Academic Freedom at LC is in its Death Throes

Scalded or Frostbitten:
Living in the Dorms has Made me Dread Showering

Starvation is Tempting:
I just can't Make Myself Like the Food at Hattie B's

An Unostentatious Proposition:
My Tribute to Jonathan Swift

If it's Broke, Break it More?
I'm Tired of Having a Sporadic Internet Connection

Be an Individual, Just Like Me!
Just Because You Look Weird Doesn't Mean that You're Actually Different

Follow the Leader:
Why such an Overemphasis on Leadership?

Can't Afford it? Why Not Just Steal it?
I don't See why Convenience is an Excuse for Theft