I am a man of varying degree.  From the mild, to the wild!
I like quiet times and I also like the rough and tumble times.  I'm in my 40's, a professional by day, and a leatherman, rubberman, uniformed boot man by night.  Read my Interests to get more details!

Rubber Contact List

Gunplay Anyone?

Here is the detailed profile but PLEASE....not everything will be for you, but maybe it will.  Don't be turned off by just one or two things.  I'm quite versatile and I flex with the guy I'm with.....
My interests vary from kink to the wild and adventurous. I have a large interest in Leather, (Hoods, gags, breath control gear, OLD LEATHER GUARD scenes and attitude, electricity, etc) Uniforms, (Police, Fire, Military,
boots, etc) Western, (Basic bad guy with black hat and boots) and Rubber, (catsuits, wetsuits, divegear with "hardhats", fire gear, gloves, hazmat, industrial gear, gas masks, medical gear, etc.) These things are my favorite hobbies and hopefully yours too! Looking to make new friends and ???
I'm also a member of PRISM. Ask me about it. You'll be very surpirsed! If you're into certain edgeplay scenes, my favourites are:
Interrogation, prisoner, heavy bondage, chemical bondage, breath control, cop/biker, kidnapping, medical (Mad doctor, scientist, psychiatrist), guns and gunplay, leather gunplay, terrorist, forced r*pe, MOCK execution, and "knock-out" scenes.  I also like the look of pipes and cigars.
If you're curious about knock-out scenes, ask me.  They can either be short term or long term.  If you add FF or as*s play with the scene, that's an added plus... Let's talk about some details and scenes...For those interested: Hanky Codes: Black, Red, Grey, Orange, and ??? (let me know what your interests are.) I have a lot of experience, and hope you do too.
Tell me about your scenes and fantasies. As my "handle" says I am quite versatile and can accommodate any fantasy or scene you like,top or bottom, I'm flexible.
I prefer "bottom" until I learn some new techniques, and
then pass on the experience and techniques to others.  Maybe we can switch around?  Also if you want to demonstrate on me what you like, do it, and then I will be happy to return the favor quite willingly!. If you have any questions about me or my interests, please e-mail me: I'll respond to anyone to sends me an e-mail!
If you don't introduce yourself, we'll never meet!

My "Family" consists of all my brothers who are into leather, rubber, boots, uniforms, etc.
My family is growing and if you'd like to become part of my family, let me know!

There is a difference between family and friends.  I think you know the difference.  Watch this space for another growing list of Friends!  (under construction)