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Temple of the New Moon has been added and mirrored at this site: Map Raider.com. Visit the site and check out some amazing levels designed by creators just like you!

August 16th

Just to let everyone know, UTCMS is also hosting my first map: Temple of the New Moon.

Not only does is it hosting it, but, they also have a rating system if you liked or disliked it. (Remember click on the Blue Bar if you liked it).

So take a look at: UTCMS Website for all maps/mods/files for UT and UT 2003
Just a tip for you: The password to open the package is: utcms. I did not put that onto the package.
Map of the Month:
DM - Temple of the New Moon

In Ancient Times, before the Dark Ages, a Temple was created in order to worship Lunitari (the Moon). It's name was lost to the ages as a sandstorm swept the temple making it lost for all time. Only until recently did the Corporation recover the Temple. Upon reading the hyroglyph's the temple finally had a name: Temple of the New Moon. The structure itself has not been modified in any way to keep the historical accuracy of this find.

Will the Gods of Lunitari smile upon you to victory? Or will you anger them by being defeated....

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