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Site News: GSF Archive Update  
3:23:  56 new GSF sets (music from GameBoy Advance games) have been added to the database!

Get them from the GSF Archive!


Site News: PSF Archive Update
23:44:  14 new PSF and PSF2 sets (music from Playstation and Playstation 2 games) have been added to the archive.

Get them from the PSF Archive!

Site News: USF Archive Update
13:26:  4 new USF sets (emulated music from N64 games) have been added to the archive!

Get them from the USF Archive!


Site News: GBS Archive Update
18:24:  There are 21 new additions to the GBS Archive today, ripped by Matrixz. The additions are as follows:

You can find these new files and more on our GBS Archive page.


Site News: Initial release of FCEUXD SP 1.0

7:15:  sp has recently released an upgrade to the XD version of the FCEU emulator. If you have been following it's progression from average, everyday emulator to the most advanced NES debugging utility to date, you will be well pleased with this latest installment. The addition of "SP" expands upon bbitmaster and Parasyte's last released source for FCEUXD, specifically FCEUXD SP 1.0 adds symbolic debugging and--what i've personally been anticipating for some time--conditional breakpoints. To briefly explain both additions, excerpts from sp's post:

Symbolic Debugging: I've defined a simple debug information file format for FCEUXD SP which contains names for memory addresses and comments. Defining names has two functions: If the renamed line is shown in the disassembly window the name will appear right above the line of code. If the renamed line is referenced in an instruction (for example "JSR 00") the offset is replaced by the name. Like names comments are also added before the line of code they were defined for.

Conditional breakpoints: Another minor annoyance was the lack of conditional breakpoints. I've added this functionality to the breakpoint definitions. When adding or editing a breakpoing you now have the option to add a condition for this breakpoint. Right now conditions are relatively simple but enough for probably more than 90% of all debugging.

More screnshots and in depth information can be found on sp's website. Both the windows executable and source have been added to the NES emulators page. Thanks to sp for the upgrade. Now, this only leaves me fearing that future features will claim an emulator title with all letters of the alphabet..


Emulator Release: BGB, v 1.03
7:26:  TheBGB creator has updated BGB, an emulator for the Gameboy/Color Gameboy handheld system to v 1.03.

Here's the changes:

1.03 - Emulating hardware behavior for "gin & tonic trick" in the "mental respirator" demo by Phantasy. Fixed the "on blt2: action not supported" problem which happens on some videocards - if it still happens for you, please contact me. Added 24 bpp directdraw support. Made joypad wizard better support "broken" controllers with things like flickering buttons (must press button for 0.5 secs). Added optional screen on startup to tell the user what to do. Added "cpu idle" wait for vblank routine - if it's not smooth on your pc, disable "reduce cpu usage". Added support for up to 32 joypad buttons.

You can get this emulator at our Gameboy Emulators page.

Thanks to jelbo for the news.


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