Just saw WEEZER on July 21st(2002) in Boston. Its about time.  They totally rocked!!!!!!!!!  I was really bumming when they ended the show without playing my all time favorite "Say it aint so".  The last song they played was Island in the Sun, which is a total happy song, but I just didn't enjoy it..my sis was like...."don't worry..they will be back out!  10 minutes later....Rivers walks out, then the other band members, and sure enough...the guitar intro to "Say it aint so"! It was awesome. It was the best show I have ever been to!
Paris Trip - December 30th-January 8th 2003
Click on the Eiffel Tower to go to my online photo album. Then click SLIDESHOW.
Last Updated 9/17/03
Hello! Welcome to my brand new webpage, inspired by my best friend Chuck.  You can actually see my old webpage by clicking here:  =W=
I decided to follow in the footsteps of Chuck and write a little bit each day about what is going on in my life. I think it will be a lot easier for me to update my friends and family by having them just go to this site instead of typing emails. 
I am sure he would hate it, but I am going to call it my little diary. HeHeHe. Click
HERE to go to Chuck's website. Make note of entry 8/27/03...it is all about me, me, me!!
Instead of starting from scratch, I am leaving 2 entries on here. One is of my WEEZER trip with Lea in July of 2002, and the other is of Lea and my Paris trip New Year's 2002-2003.  After these 2 entries, will start my daily (hopefully) update on what is going on in my life.
Here are the entries:
O.K.! So here we are at the start of my brand new webpage. Have fun reading, and don't forget to sign my guestbook!
8/27/03 11:00PM - O.k. So obviously my latest news is updating and creating this new webpage. The whole reason I did it was because of Chuck.  He doesn't really have a personal webpage that tells his whole lifestory.  What he does is tries to put a little blog on the page each day. Its a pretty good idea, so I am going to give it a try.  Today was nothing special here in Carbondale, IL.  It is hot as hell here. Hotter than Charleston, by far.  I went out to lunch with some of the other Grad Assts., then I came home and basiclly did nothing but watch television and work on school stuff.  I don't have anything tomorrow morning, so I can stay up late tonight and sleep in tomorrow morning. Oh..I do have a dentist appt. at the campus dental clinic tomorrow. Theres nothing like students working on your teeth.  Hmmm...Can we say ouch? I don't know what got into me tonight. It was one major eat-fest! I cooked chicken, rice, squash, and bread for dinner. I was full, but craved sweets, so I had a frozen yogurt bar. Then I craved cookies, so I had some Snackwells. 4 to be precise.  Then, after all those sweets, I needed something salty. So, I ended up cooking an English Muffin and covering it with margarine.  I feel so guilty right now, and I feel full. So, no more eating tonight.  Oh..you have to check out this pic of Vince...I just took it about 10 minutes ago. He is so damn adorable! Now, as a mother, I must be fair to my other kitty. So here is a picture of Nina that I took the other day. 
As you can see, right now I have more time on my hands then I should.  That will not last however.  After September 6th, I will start to receive papers from my students, and I will be so busy I won't even have time to breath!  Well, this is just what I have heard from my fellow co-workers.  I guess they are probablly right, seeing as though I have over 100 students!  Doing all this, working on my thesis, and taking classes is quite the load, but I am confident that I can handle it. Oh...click
HERE to see my instructor information sheet. It looks cooler than it really is.
O.K. that is enough for tonight. I am actually getting pretty tired.  Good night, and don't forget to sign my guestbook!
9/6/03 - I am really upset.  Last week I updated my page, and when I went to save it, my laptop froze and I had to shut down! Grrrrrrrr! I was so livid! I had typed twice as much as what is above. I wrote about my birthday and what I did that day. I wrote about school. I wrote about books I bought at a really cheap book sale. I am still upset. There is no way I am going to retype this stuff again.  So.....
Anyway, my week was kind of blah. Nothing really to write about. I have been so busy with this school stuff, that I really haven't had time to do anything.  I went to the library a few times, but I know that doesn't count.  OK..I put my yogurt smoothy down to type this, and now Vince is drinking it. Gross!  OK..where was I..oh, the library.  The HUGE library.  Everytime I leave my house, it is either to go to class, go to the library, or go to Wal-Mart. What an exciting life.  Its not too bad though. My friend Mark and I like to go eat out, so we do that with eachother. Last night we went to a middle eastern/medditeranean restaurant. It was so good! I had lamb kabobs! Mmmmm.
Anwhoo.....I have to get going. I am going to an SIU football game in Cape Giradeau, MO. We are going to tailgate before the game. It should be a lot of fun. I will write more tonight!
9/7/03 - So Chuck wants me to update the site.  He is wicked cranky this week because he's turning 37 next week.  Yes, 37 years old. What an old fart.  He's depressed because he is so old and still single.  He doesn't want to be that guy in the club with his shirt open, and gold necklaces hanging out, trying to pick up young 22 year olds.  I feel really bad for him.  Its kind of pathetic, but I still love him. (smiles, chuck)  Yesterday was pretty fun tailgating. SIU kicked the crap out of South Eastern Missouri University.  It was 28-0 in the last quarter.  There was like 5 minutes left on the clock and EMU finally got a touchdown. LOL Final score 28-7, SIU. Goooooooooooo Saluki's. 
Check out the
pics of my crappy grad school apt.  Pretty bad, eh?  It is small, but it really isn't too too bad.  Plus I know its only for 1 year, so it makes it easier living in such a small place.  Nina and Vince seem to like it. I just hope they haven't forgotten home.  I can't wait to get back to my Condo!!
Well, thats all for tonight. I hope you're happy Chuck!  Adios
9/17/03 -  So this past weekend was pretty fun.  I got invited to go explore the wine trails here in Illinois.  I went to 3 different winery/vineyards.  I did a lot of wine tasting, and bought some good wines.  I had no idea that Illinois has such beautiful contry! This was the first time I have ever been to vineyard, and it was absolutely beautiful!  After I got back from doing that, I was shown a coffee house and a natural food store. I felt like I was in NH! I had no idea that Carbondale had this stuff.  I am some what relieved because atleast I know that there are cool people up here just like in NH. The cafe reminded me of Crackskull's, but without the baby and the books! The whole weekend reminded me of Lea and how much I missed her. We are planning on her coming to visit me in a few weeks.  I love her sooooo much! She will totally dig the health food store because it has a bunch of vegan stuff.  They even had tofurkey. LOL. When Lea comes to visit, we are going to go to St. Louis. She has never been off the East Coast, except when we went to Paris.  I will have lots of pics, I'm sure. I am also going to take her to the wine tastings.  I'm really excited about bringing her to my new church, The Vineyard Community Church.  I have never been to a church that made me so happy before.  Its an awesome church, and the people are good people.  I know Lea will like it because the music. They play a lot of contemporary music.  They cater to young people, and since this is a college community it is perfect.  I feel somewhat old when I go there.  I can't believe I am 3 years away from 30!! (and still single)
O.K, that's it for now.  Make sure to check out the links and pics.
9/20/03 - Tonight I went to a good old-fashion fish fry (insert hick Illinois accent).  I brought some white fish home for Nina and Vince. Of course, being the freak cats that they are, they did not eat any of it. I don't understand them. They will eat cookies and asparagus, but won't touch seafood. Interesting. Oh..check out this hilarious link that I added at the top of the page.  It reminds me of my brother-in-law, James. Too funny.  I am not really in a typing mood right now. I am going to bed. its
1 AM!!!  Nothing exciting happend to day anyway...except that I got Lea's tickets to come here in 3 weeks! Whew Hooh! I can't wait. We are going to go to St. Louis!!!  Anyway....Good night..will update the site later.