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  First you must know that Wicca is a religion & a type of Witchcraft.  No, Witchcraft is NOT evil, devil worshipping or anything like that.  Wiccans don't curse people or praise Diablo (the Devil).  We believe that those who harm others get harm in return.  Basicly the Three Fold Law (or The Law of Return).  We Wiccans feel a strong connection with the world of Nature.  To us, Mother Earth & her creatures are sacred.  All Witches practice magick---not the illusions of stage magicians, but magick as practical psychic techniques to effect change in themselves & their world.   To make it a short explination, Wicca pretty much deals with Nature & the Elements.  Earth, Air, Fire & Water.  No, it isn't like in the movie The Craft or anything like that.
  We Witches believe in many Gods & Goddesses for many different things in life.  The favorite Dieties of the Craft are the Triple Moon Goddess, whose changing face represents Maiden, Mother & Crone; & the Horned God of wildlfie, death, & rebirth.  They have many names.  How Witches experience the Goddess & God varies from person to person, but to all Witches they are real.
  Overall though, PLEASE respect Wicca just as you would & should any & all other religions.  Wiccans have a right to practice what they believe in, just as every person on Mother Earth does.
The Rede
The Three Fold Law of Return
The Elements
The Signs of Zodiac
If you have any questions about wicca, you may ask me when u sign my guestbook.  I am more than happy to open someone's eyes to the religion, help someone out with a problem, help open up your heart & mind to understand things better.  Anything, just ask.  Hell, u can even ask me for help or my opinion on a personal issue.  I am great with that.  HAHA  I always get people asking me if I am psychic.  No, I am not, but I do sometimes get certain feelings that tell me things about something.
There are more interesting things to come still.  Please, be patient.