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Updated 26 June 2007 with big news...

Just got word from Big Life Management that The Verve are a four-piece one again! I can't believe it either but see for yourself

Also here   >>>

Also, have a look at these myspace pages too:


Welcome to The Verve Live, a site dedicated to the British rock group, The Verve.  Although often overshadowed by fellow Brit-rockers Oasis and Radiohead, The Verve was responsible for some of the best and most well-crafted rock to come out of England in the 1990s. While the band perfected their pop songwriting as time went on, they never lost their early psychedelic-space-rock edge. 

The Verve have been long acclaimed among the most innovative and spellbinding bands on the contemporary British pop scene.  They finally broke through to the mass international audience in 1997 with the instant classic "Bittersweet Symphony."  "Bitter Sweet Symphony" was nominated for the 1999 Grammy Award for Best Rock Performance By A Duo Or A Group With Vocal and Best Rock Song.

On Urban Hymns (1997), The Verve widened the creative spectrum of psychedelic Britrock. They exhibited a great deal of musical depth as they blanketed "Bitter Sweet Symphony" with a full string section, employed acoustic guitars to evoke the simple, Carpenters-ish sentiments of "Sonnet" and "The Drugs Don't Work," and utilized heavily processed guitars on "Weeping Willow" and "Come On."  Whether exploring the loud or soft extremes of their dynamic range, the band aspires to classic songwriting, tastefully incorporating retro sensibilities with sweet-sounding hooks that yield a tranquil, pastoral beauty.  With this said, we hope you enjoy exploring through A Requiem of the Past.  You may just find you have a new favorite band.



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