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Well geocities has treated me pretty well all in all but with the constant bandwidth overages everytime I updated it long ago became apparent that something had to change.  Freeocities simply isn't intended to page layouts and heavy graphic content like this.  So if you've wondered why there hasn't been anything new thats the reason.  Of course there has been new stuff...just not here.  Probably should have mentioned this along time ago but better late than never I guess.  I am currently hosted at the
and if you like my stuff you can undoubtedly find more things to your liking there.  If you want to get in contact with me or to see when an update has occured join my Yahoo! Group Its free and every once in a very great while I actually post things there that you can't see anywhere else.  I have recently been published by White Lightning Productions a small publisher/distributer specializing in Large Bust related comics.  They have also started a new series of Web Comics on their site, some are good, some are not so good but all are worth checking out.  At present I put up about two pics a week (with occasional skips of course) at the BEA.  Everything goes through the Free section first before being resigned to the members section so be sure to check back there often.  So where all this has been leading is here.  From now on this is going to be a redirect page.  To show everyone where to find the good stuff.  Ironicly once I pull down most of the stuff I should be able to actually put the occasional thing up without killing the site everytime.  So please feel free to check out the samples, look at the links, join the group and enjoy the stuff at the BEA.
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Please do not redistribute, alter, or take credit for anything on these pages.   If you want to do something with one of my pictures E-mail me or post something at my yahoo! group. 

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