"the ultimate fish in the world"

You ar looking at the BigFish!

So, you ask what BigFish is. Well, BigFish is actually a very BIG fish.
BigFish is not just a BIG fish, it's also a soft toy. I've never seen it before, so don't ask me about it! But I've seen a the small version. Two little squeaky toys, that hang on the rear view mirror of a car. So far I've only seen two cars that have it. My 3D fish design was based on that type.

If you are wondering why BigFish looks like an upside-down head, well don't ask me because my friend designed it. If you want to know how it could possibly be a fish, then think as though your looking at it from the top (Top View).

Now you can see my fish in 3 Dimensions!! or you can see my new additions to the page..... a car! Yes, a car appearing in the very weird BigFish page! --> CAR and also the WILD MAN!!

This page is under construction, you may see major changes in a couple of years! If you would like to email me some ideas at, I would very much appreciate it!

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