"I have spread my dreams under your feet,
Tread softly because you tread on my dreams...."
From the following verse by Poet Keats, you must have realized that I am seeking a LIFE-TERM relationship. Hence, guys out for short-term play, please excuse. 'Cause my life revolves around this personal. I’m in search of my soul mate. Somebody with whom I want to discover those million small things that makes a brilliant companionship until the last breath of our life. Someone whose companionship is a constant source of inspiration. I'm 29 years old unique guy with fabulous dynamism yet very lonely. Have white complexion with Eurasian looks and some strange charisma. Am 181 cms. (5'11') tall, weigh 166 lbs. (75 kgs),gym toned lean body, clean-shaven, moderately hairy with light black hair and brown eyes. Lot of people do give me a ‘double take’ but I consider my ‘down to earth’ attitude as my plus point

As an easygoing individual, I very well get along with people and enjoy the company of those who are open-minded, friendly, and good-natured. I enjoy people for who they are and not for what they pretend to be. Am well educated and have a flair for current affairs. Being somewhat of the intellectual type, I enjoy quiet moments with my daily newspapers, a good non-fiction book and share hours of stimulating conversation with like-minded people over a glass of juice! (Am a teetotaler and non-smoker). The best way to get to know me is as a friend. Let emotions flow naturally and will do the same. Hopelessly romantic at heart. I love to laugh. We all agree that a beautiful smile, words, hugs and sparkling eyes make our day. Can't help but I smile even when things look bad. Yes, would like my guy to get his sense of humor into bed. I am somewhat a child at heart and enjoy spontaneity.  By the way, Spirituality is important to me and I start each morning with meditation.

Am seeking an honest and emotional guy. A bear would be an ideal guy. My guy must sport a moustache \ beard, (facial hair,) be 28 years and above (with no upper limit), on a heavier side (75 kgs+ / 165lbs +), 5’9"(and above / 175 cms. +), few extra lbs. and a belly can also be sexy. Although all this is not written in stone but as the famous Supreme Court quote goes, "I will know it when I see it". He should be a strong man yet gentle and warm, excellent cuddler, I love to be held (not just hug) and to hold. He should be someone who loves kissing and cuddling and someone who is sensuous and romantic at heart!

Everybody wants a guy who is financially stable and independent; well here is a guy with a healthy upbringing who respects you and your soul more than your financial and social status. I want my guy to be mature and learned. We do NOT have to share all the same interests. Let us discover new avenues from each other.

They say 'you have to kiss a lot of frogs to meet your prince charming' but I believe 'you need a lot of patience to find your soul-mate' Oh yes, deep down our heart, we all know that there is somebody, somewhere waiting for us. So, if you think, we are made for each other, and are looking for a very intense life-term relationship, go ahead and let your heart out, cause I’m waiting for you. Till then, take care (in the true sense of the word) and thanks a million for your time.

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