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Cleancut, wholesome, All- American physical fitness buff 6' 180#, brn/hzl, white, traditional preppy man seeks younger, smooth, thinner, trim, boyish appearing white guys under 32 for friendship, fun, hanging out, satisfying curiosities, sex, cuddling, boyfriends, LTR or whatever.  I'm a versatile top.  Non smoker, light drinker, don't do drugs, HIV neg. I like A&F, Polo, Gap, AE, Tommy, etc. Like surfers, long hairs, shy guys, frat boys, preppies, midwesterners, East coast guys, farm boys, tall and thin, short and thin, cheerleaders, jocks, and guys who wear saddle shoes.  I like cardio training, lifting, movies, dinners out, the beach, water skiing, scurfing behind a ski boat, Santa Barbara trips, etc.
Email your pics and profile to me at if you want to chat, talk on the phone or meet. I live close to UCLA. 
I have x pics to trade for yours
6' 180# 33"w 44"c 16"bic 10% body fat but I'm not into big built guys I'm a holdout for the classic traditional
"East Coast" preppy style
If you dress like this, or want to, or like this style, email me at the above address. Preppies can surf too...
"Scurfing" (surfing the wake behind a ski boat) and waterskiing are my favorite sports.
Staying in shape and healthy is my goal.
The "East Coast" "Prep school/fratman" look :-)