The Very Secret Diaries


I'm Rosie, and I've found many of the Very Secret Diaries over the internet. I love them to death, but the only place to get all the LOTR ones is on cassieclaire's livejournal. There are more parodies of the parodies, and they are harder to find. Therefore, I'm trying to get many of the diaries, LOTR and otherwise, into one page. I'll include my Email address later, so you can send me ones that I may have missed.

I'm done with all of Cassieclaire's diaries. Now I'm going to focus on the Very Secret Journals, which I hadn't seen before. New author (Cassieclaire quit) and new formats. I also have to figure out new pictures for the collection, and I have to standardize the diaries I put up. *groan* This is gonna take awhile. But I put up all the stuff I had, and it's there for you all to see. I'd had the pictures for awhile, and some are good, some are OK, some are horrible, but it's worth a look.

I changed the Legolas2 and Bush diaries spacing so that there was a space between the date and the entries. This made them more like all the rest, so don't kill me. I have to add in bold, |enter|, font, background, ext. by hand, so don't kill me if I forgot to put a word in bold.

If you wish to give me feedback on the diaries, ext. ((if you have one to add, if you could do better buttons, if you just want to say something)) I now have a guestbook for the site.

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Note: All in this collection to noted as to whom it belongs. Nothing except the above belongs to me.



The Cassieclaire diaries are meant to be read in a certain order, but you can read them however you like.

The order:
Aragorn - Legolas - Boromir - Frodo - Sam - Gandalf - Pippin - Saurman
Gimli - Merry - Ringwraith No. 5 - Gollum - Arwen - Elrond - Sauron

((No order for the TTT books))

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