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Here you will find my collection of Real Media bondage/ chloroform/ gas video files.  They are listed by category (B&G or Chloro/ Gas), by last name and if I do not know the name of the actress, under "Unknown Actress".

Note:  This site now utilizes the Real Media format exclusively.  You can download a free version of Real Player HERE.

Now for my disclaimer.  I do not have a top-notch VCR, nor a state of the art capture card.  Once I graduate school and have money to spend again, I will be getting cutting edge equipment.  Until then, bear with the choppy/ blurry versions, as they are the best I can do under the circumstances.

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Bound & Gagged  or  Chloroform/Gas





Bound & Gagged Damsels

  Ursula Andress - Red Sun (Movie) - 68 kb

  Lorissa McComas - Testing The Limits (Movie) - 68 kb

  Rita Sever - Later (TV Talkshow) - 153 kb

  Heather Tom - The Young and the Restless (Soap Opera) - 140 kb

  Heather Tom - The Young and the Restless (Soap Opera) - 186 kb

  Unknown Actress - Reyes y Rey (Spanish TV Series) - 60 kb

Knocked Out Damsels

  Shannen Doherty - Charmed (TV Series) - 31 kb

  Heather Locklear - Melrose Place (TV Series) - 152 kb

  Michelle Pfieffer - Charlie Chan and the Curse of the Dragon Queen (Movie) - 49 kb

  Erika Slezak - One Life To Live (Soap Opera) - 64 kb

  Unknown Actress - Seven Days (TV Series) - 35 kb

  Justina Vail - Seven Days (TV Series) - 39 kb

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