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This 'site deals mostly with model making in HO scale. I've been a model maker for over 20 years and these pages highlight my more recent work - mostly the Deutsche Reichsbahn (of the DDR) in the 1970's but with smatterings of US and railways of other denominations. You'll find articles and 'how to' discussions. I hope the pictures offer some encouragement and maybe even inspiration. I'm expecting that the pages relating to DCC and Kadee couplers will be pretty popular.

Further to the model making information there's also some pages devoted to my other passion - hi-fi. More specifically the content relates to Thorens' famous TD160 turntable and covers my rebuild of the final, ultimate version of this venerable giant killer. So make sure you check on the context before clicking on anything that's associated with the word 'turntable'!

You can click on the pictures to move on. At the moment many of those will link to a page that says 'Under Construction', but I'm working on it. As they seem to say on many 'sites; "check back often". Or not. ;-)

Stand back - I don't know how big this thing gets...

Site content was last updated on 06 May 2005. You can check the 'News' page here to see what I did!
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Model Railways; Deutsche Reichsbahn and more...
A few pages will cover tips and tricks. We start with the use of Kadee couplings and DCC.
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