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Copyright by Laura Patterson
I've walked and walked and walked and walked
Will I find my home today?
I don't know how I got so lost,
Wandered so far away.
A human threw some rocks at me.
I don't know what I did.
It yelled "Leave the trash alone!"
And banged upon the lid.
Another chased me down the street
And said some awful words.
Oh how I miss those sounds of love
And kindness I once heard.
Another ran screaming from my sight,
When I had only wanted to play.
But what hurt the most was the one that smiled,
Touched my head...
And walked away.

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This site is dedicated in loving memory of Justice

June 26, 1998 ~ October 9, 1999.

Our special friend, you will be with us always. We will miss you, our little "Frankenstein dog."

And to Richter who we had to help from this world on March 21, 2000. I am sorry for the pain that you endured in this world, Richter. May you run and jump and be pain free on the other side.
Until we meet at the both will always be in our hearts.

"A good dog never dies he always stays he walks beside you on crisp autumn days when frost is on the fields and winter's drawing near, his head is within our hand in his old way. --Mary Carolyn Davies"

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