Vesper Silverhand
   I'm a young elven girl who lives in the fairy kingdom of Astaria. I have long flowing golden hair and long lashed, smiling blue eyes.

The page is incomplete, so don't let it scare you.
This may tell something about me...

Why do birds sing?
   For you, darling.
Why do flowers bloom?
   For you, darling.
Why do stars shine?
   For you, darling.
Why do I exist?
   To be with you, darling.

   Love is when you are attached to someone, when their smile makes you smile. When they are special for you and you want to be special for them, when you want to make their life bright. Special means the belief that the other is your only, only in their kind, and you will never transfer to them anything you can know or feel about other people, when you trust them completely and can and will share with them all your soul.

And this is my favourite poem... Annabel Lee by Edgar Allan Poe.
The Silverhand family... I will add this later.