(~¯`'·.,¸(¯`'·.,¸·´¯`·­§§ Dragon Queen of Ridian§§·´¯`·¸,.·'´¯)¸,.·'´¯)
(¯`'·.¸§(¯`'·.¸¤°º¤º°{ Ventrue Elder VoL Vampires of Light
(~`'·.,¸¸,.¤˜~º°¤)¦( LoR Forum President Lands of Ridian ¦(¤°º~`¤,¸¸,.·'´~)
(~`,.¤˜~º°¤)¦KotRT Advisor
Knights of the Round Table ( KotRT ) )¦(¤°º~`¤,·'´~)
(~`'·.,¸¸,.¤˜~º°¤)¦( Knights of Eternal Darkness Head Advisor)¦(¤°º~`¤,¸¸,.·'´~)
OCS Honorable Discharge First Gen. 1997 )¦(¤°º~`¤,·'´~)
Former Queen of KoAKoD 1995 )¦(¤°º~`¤,·'´~)
Former Head Advisor The RMG 2001 )¦(¤°º~`¤,·'´~)
(¯`'·.¸§(¯`'·.¸¤°º¤º°{Former Head Advisor LSoD 1996 )¦(¤°º~`¤,·'´~)
(¯`'·.¸§¤°º¤º°{Former Head Advisor of the PoD 1994 )¦(¤°º~`¤,·'´~)
(¯`'·.¸§¤°º¤º°{Former Head Advisor ToSTN 1996 )¦(¤°º~`¤,·'´~)
(¯`'·.¸§(¯`'·.¸¤°º¤º°{Former Head Advior TROV 1998 )¦(¤°º~`¤,·'´~)
(¯`'·.¸§(¯`'·.¸¤°º¤º°{Former Head Advisor CoP 1998 )¦(¤°º~`¤,·'´~)
(¯`'·.¸§(¯`'·.¸¤°º¤º°{Former Head Advisor DoW 1999)¦(¤°º~`¤,·'´~)
(¯`'·.¸§(¯`'·.¸¤°º¤º°{Former Head Advisor DWoR 2000 )¦(¤°º~`¤,·'´~)
(¯`'·.¸§(¯`'·.¸¤°º¤º°{Former Head Advisor VoTN 1999 )¦(¤°º~`¤,·'´~)
(¯`'·.¸§(¯`'·.¸¤°º¤º°{ Former Head Advisor DRoR 2000)¦(¤°º~`¤,·'´~)
(¯`'·.¸§(¯`'·.¸¤°º¤º°{ Former Head Advisor THB 2000)¦(¤°º~`¤,·'´~)

O Fortune,like the moon
you are changeable,ever waxing
and waning; hateful life
first oppresses and then soothes
as fancy takes it,poverty and power
it melts them like ice.
Fate - monstrous and empty
you whirling wheel, you are malevolent,
well-being is in vain and always fades to nothing,
shadowed and veiled you plague me too;
now through the game I bring my bare back
to your villainy.
Fate is against me in health
and virtue,driven on and weighted down,
always enslaved. So at this hour
without delay pluck the vibrating strings;
since Fate strikes down the strong man,
everyone weep with me!

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