U.S.S.  VESUVIUS   (AE-15)
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Vesuvius' mission was underway replenishment of ammunition
to combat ships at sea
USS  Vesuvius  (AE-15)
United States Navy Ammunition Ship

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A Tribute to the USS Vesuvius and other AE's
and AOE's and those who served aboard them.
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"I Am Loading or
Unloading Explosives"
Capt. J. L. Jensen
Capt. J.H. Chapman
Supper for the Crew
'69-'70 Cruise Book
'70-'71 Cruise Book
Vesuvius in San Francisco Bay
Bow Shot Picture of the Vesuvius
View of Subic Bay
Vesuvuis in Hong Kong with Flags
Too bad it's not in color
Vesuvius Lighter circa 1970
Vesuvius Patch
Letterhead Sketch
Vesuvius alongside an AOE
"Blue" Shield
AE Ship Patches
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