Disclaimer: This site is decidely Partisan !x

xWhat's this all about? Well, in a nutshell, after 5 decades of having been sold out by the National Service Organizations, the Veteran's Administration, Labor Department on Veteran's Preference, both Political Parties, the Democratic Party to a lesser extent, the present Bush Republican Administration's War on Veteran's where ever they are, we are left with the premise:xxxIt's time to leave the Reservation !

Rep. Bob "Sideshow Bob" Filner

House Veteran's Affair Chair


Who is "Side Show Bob " ?

He's an Animated Cartoon Character of course !



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The VA " Where not getting caught is the same as telling the truth "

2009.....The Year of the Veteran ?

xThe Federal and Presidential Race could be a watershed year for Veterans issue's. The major issue affecting the quality of life for all veteran's is Manditory Funding of the Veterans Administration .

xxThe concept behind this that the Veterans Administration should be funded by a Budget as with all other Federal agencies. This is not be confused with Advanced Funding, which a piecemeal discretional Funding Bill presently being considered by the Congress.

XX This funding approach would perpetuate the sad state of Veterans affairs for countless vet's already relying on the VA for many of their daily needs, and the 10's of thousands of returning Iraq veteran's. This is already reaching a breaking point for the VA which is still underfunded and pits returning Iraq vet's with pre Vietnam and Vietnam era vets for services.

xxThe concept of "Manditory" and "Assured" funding is a political slight of hand driven by Republican's and seconded by marginal "progressive"Democrats and fiscal conservative's.




Honorable Mention Catagory

***N.J. official accused of falsifying military record***

xxxAn official in the state Department of Military and Veterans Affairs has been accused of falsifying his veteran and government records in order to receive a tax exemption and medical benefits.

(New Jersey has a LONG way to go catch up with rest of the country) !


***EX-N.J. Veterans Director lied about war record***

***New Health Care facility for Vets coming to Camden***

***Acute Care services will soon be available to Southern New Jersey veterans***

***Setback for Acute Care services for South Jersey Veterans ?***






***BREAKING NEW'S*** Obama breaks promise to Veterans on Manditory Funding ! UPDATE !

***11 November 2008.....NavyTimes covers Obama's support for "Advanced Funding" of the Veterans Administration***

***Obama Signs pre election pledge for support for Manditory Funding !***



"SHREDERGATE" Unless you have been under a rock for the last month , the shredding of veterans claims through out the VA Regional system has taken on a life of it's own. The following is a cronology of the events so far:xx

"Downrange" with the Veterans Administration


RICO: The Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act...

***There are two RICO's the first is the caharacter played by Edward G. Robinson as Rico Bandello in "Little Caesar" and the second is a is a United States federal law that provides for extended penalties for criminal acts performed as part of an ongoing criminal organization. We will deal with the second. PAY ATTENTION !***




Operation "Smoking Gun"x



Help Us help You...

and all the other Veterans out there "get some" ......Justice


What former Sec of Defense Rumsfeld say's about the" Smoking Gun......"'The last thing we want is a smoking gun. A gun smokes after it has been fired''


xxxThe term "smoking gun" was originally, and is still primarily, a reference to an object or fact that serves as conclusive evidence of a crime or similar act. In addition to this, its meaning has evolved to uses completely unrelated criminal activity: for example, scientific evidence that is highly suggestive in favour of a particular hypothesis is sometimes called smoking gun evidence. Its name originally came from the idea of finding a smoking (i.e., very recently fired) gun on the person of a suspect wanted for shooting someone, which in that situation would be nearly unshakable proof of having committed the crime.