Caabudwaaq Tubewells

In Caabudwaaq city, there are three tubewells named: Garbala, Roobda'ay and Siigadheere. These tubewells are the only source water supply in city in the dry season 'Jiilaal'.

During the long and short rains, the nomads move their animals to the Eastsite of the region in search of pasture and water, while in the drier seasons they move their animals towards those tubewells in Caabudwaaq.

During this period there is a relatively high concentration of animals along the 'Baraago' in the bush with the resultant effect of degradation and pronounced soil erosion. The unreliability of rainfall makes the nomads move into foreign or neighbouring regions . Thus in very dry seasons, nomads move into Ethiopia.

During the rains, the 'Gu', or seasonal 'Doog', the 'Barrago' in the countrysite are filled with run-off water, whereas people bring their animals to the ' Baraago' or natural laghas like 'Baliyo' for water. This peroid of 'Gu' lot of people leave the city for 'Caano cab'.

Generally speaking, any development within the Galgaduud region is directly related to the unavailability of water. Thus, at the present, there is ongoing development project to eliminate the scarcity of water in the region.

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