Caabudwaaq Telekom

The city of caabudwaaq has a public owned power supply and, thanks to its bussinesmen, a telephone system for the first time in its history. A year ago a group of bussinesmen bought a satellite dish and opened the Caabudwaaq Telekom company with 10 lines. Today there are 100 lines throughout the city, and today is common to see Caabudwaaq downtown where people line up at phone booths to place local and international calls.

Today Caabudwaaq City, without a formal government, has become a boom town, with one of Somalia's busiest livestock market, a burgeoning population and the kind a daily stability envied by much of this deeply destroyed civil war country.

Hence, as the city grows,People want to see a sort of local administration that will oversee the entire galgaduud region. Caabudwaaq residents say they also need the structures of a formal local administration to keep law and order and to provide essential services and to expand its telphone system throughout to the whole region.

If any one require an additional information about a Caabudwaaq Telekom,and its operation on galgaduud reagion feel free to contact Caabudwaaq telekom customer service center at 252-762-2000 .

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