Caabudwaaq Local Administration

Unlike any other place in Somalia today,Caabudwaaq has no a formal local government,authority to keep law and order and to provide essential services to the community. But there is at least, clan based counselling assembly to solve in a traditional way of day to day disputes arguments.

Caabudwaaq's clan elders and sub-elders are the closest thing to government, mediating a range of disputes from criminal acts to traffic arguments. If in case,one resident slays another, elders like Xuubey or Sheekdoon who are well respected wise men in the region, decide whether the aggrieved family will receive a payment of camels or whether the accused will be executed.

The Caabudwaaq council elders are doing whatever necessary to punish the criminals and to encourage more execution in order to minimaze people from killing.

Yet the elders acknowledged they cannot carry the society on their shoulders a local government needed, because the elders are confined only to solving family problems.

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