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Came to Port Phillip in 1841
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Arrivals from Overseas - Vessels named Agostina, Ariadne, Deva, Frankfield, Hamilton, Middlesex, Sir Charles Forbes, Westminster,
Coastal shipping - Abeona, Devonshire, Maguasha, Shamrock,

They came by the 'Brilliant' as Self-funded and as Bounty Immigrants in 1841

Use the list of Notes on over 41,500 people, to find the page with details of individual passengers -
this list omits details from the ship list of calling, religion and ability to read and write. Other details of life in Port Phillip are being sought


arrived 26 July 1841, barque 338 tons, David Ritchie master, from Greenock (England) 28 Dec 1840, Cork 28 Jan, Sierra Leone (for water) 8 March and Cape of Good Hope 2 June to Port Phillip. Agents Messrs Gilchrist & Alexander. Images 228-230, notes
Master David Ritchie, Doctor James Aleson/Atkinson, B Kerne 1st Mate, John Reid 2nd Mate, H Horne 3rd Mate
Passengers Mr and Mrs Lawler (or Laiser) and child, Messrs M'Lachlan, Mason, M'Conochie, two Shields, 3 in Intermediate - Mr and Mrs Lanb, Josh Aleson, Intermediate Mr Dunlop, Mr McAlpin, Miss Webster, Mr and Mrs Adams, 31 in Steerage - 16 men and 15 women

Came with 40 passengers, 5 males and 12 females eligible for bounty.
Of the 24 passengers listed, 8 were from Ireland, Co Derry 4, Cork 3, Tyrone1. The other 16 were from Scotland, including Glasgow 8, Argyleshire 3, Edinburgh 2.

Colour code Staff and Crew, Paid own passage Bounty Immigrant Disallowed Bounty departing PP
Mr Adams A hus (Steerage 1)
Mrs Adams A wife of Mr (Steerage 2)
Mr and Mrs Adams (departing)
W Mr Alfrin A (Intermediate 1)
Mr Allison (departing)
James Mr Alison / Atkinson A (Surgeon 2)
Joseph Alison / Atkinson (Vic list)
John Barnes 23 Not eligible (Cotton spinner 1) Glasgow
Elizabeth Boyd 19 (single woman 13) Glasgow
Sarah Brow 20 (single woman 11) Cork
Jane Brooks / Burk 18 (single woman 12) Falkirk
Fanny Clerk 24 (single woman 14) Tyrone
Betty Culberton / Cubberton 26 (single woman 15) Cork
Jane Develin 26 Widow not eligible for Bounty (Steerage 3) Co Derry
Frederick Develin 7 son of Jane (Steerage 4)
William Develin 3 son of Jane (Steerage 5)
Isabella Develin born 5 days before landing dau of Jane (Steerage 6)
George Dick 22 Not eligible (Shoe maker 2) Glasgow
Mr Dunlop A (Intermediate 2)
Thomas Farsythe / Forsythe 18 (single man 3) Glasgow
Annabella Gallass 30 (single woman 16) Argyleshire
Jane Glover 18 (single woman 18) Glasgow
Mary Gorman 19 (single woman 17) Edinburgh
H Corne / Horne A 3rd Mate (Staff 5)
B Kerne A 1st Mate (Staff 3)
Mrs Kirkland and 2 chn (departing)
Janet Knox 21 (single woman 19) Edinburgh
Mr Lamb A hus (Steerage 7)
Mrs Lamb A wife of Mr (Steerage 8)
Mr and Mrs Lawler (departing)
Mr Lawler (Cabin 1)
Mrs Lawler (Cabin 2)
child Lawler (Cabin 3)
Janet Main 27 (single woman 22) Dumferlands
Mr Mason (Cabin 4)
Anne Mccray / Mccoy 25 (single woman 21) Argyleshire
Mr McDonald (departing)
Mr M'Lauchlan / Mclachlin A (Cabin 5)
Mr Mclachlin (departing)
Mr M'Conchie (Cabin 6)
William Mebun 22 (single man 4) Glasgow
John Miller 23 Not eligible (Umbrella Maker 5) Argyleshire
Julia Neil 22 (single woman 20) Cork
John Reid A 2nd Mate (Staff 4)
David Ritchie A Master (Staff 1)
Mr Shields (Cabin 8)
Andrew Shiels 28 (single man 6) Meith
William Shiels 20 (single man 7) Glasgow
Mr Webster A (Intermediate 3)
Alexander Wood 23 (single man 8) Glasgow

ShipTotalStaffOtherDiedBorn CouplesWith chnHusWivesSons DausChnBountyFamiliesUn malUn fem
Brilliant 44512000000000200812
Others, 3 single men not eligible, the Cotton Spinner, Shoe maker and Umbrella maker, trades not on the list.
Jane Develin's husband died before embarking so she and her children not eligible. She gave birth to 3rd child 5 days before arriving at Port Phillip, 3rd infant born during the voyage.

Sep 7 - cleared for Hobart town and New Zealand with part original cargo. Passegers Mr and Mrs Adams, Mr and Mrs Lawler, Mrs Kirkland and 2 chn, Messrs M'Lachlan, Allison, and M'Donald.
The Kirkland family came to Tasmania 1838, tried their luck at squatting in Port Phillip, but, beaten by bushfires, Katherine Kirkland and 2 infants went home to Glasgow, followed the next year by her bankrupted husband.
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