Came 1842 - Aden, Agenoria, Andromache, Arkwright, Belle Creole, Ben Nevis, Britannia, Caledonia, Corsair, Dublin, Duke of Richmond, Earl of Durham, Ellen
The march of Civilisation
Came to Port Phillip in 1842
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arrived 30 Sep 1842 ship, 420 tons, Captain Alexander Stewart Waddle/Waddell master, from London 7 June. Passengers Mr and Mrs Chambers and 3 chn, Mr and Mrs Young and 2 chn, Mr and Mrs Lowe, Doctor Whitfield and wife and child, Miss Robinson, Miss Elwin, J Rose Esq, Miss Rose, Messrs GP Weston, William Archer, Joseph Archer, Samuel Augustus Sylvester, WE Smith. Intermediate Messrs Henry Jones, D Jones, Wilson, Reone, Giligan and Mr and Mrs Davis and child.
Captain, Dr Whitford, Cabin 22 + 3 servants, Intermediate 8 and 40 in the steerage, total 71 + 2 Staff.
3 families (Young, Chambers and Lowe) going to Sydney,
Sailed for Sydney 30 Sep with the whole of her original cargo, as shipped in London.

Sailed 7 Dec 1842 from Sydney, Passengers Mr and Mrs Cheine, servant and 2 chn, Mr EH Green, Dr Fox, McLean, Messrs Rose, Morrison, Kirk, Woolley, Potts and Foster, 3 in steerage.


schooner 129 tons Hurst master, arrived 13 Dec 1842 from Mauritius Passengers Mrs Hurst, Miss Betts, Mr and Mrs Avery, Mr Barra and in the steerage six prisoners of the crown.


a barque of 468 tons, New master. Arrived on 13 February 1842 at Port Phillip, sailed from Plymouth on 2 November 1841, journey of 93 days. Passengers included Mr and Mrs Williams, Mr and Mrs Baker, Mr and Mrs Cunningham and child, Mr and Mrs T Woolley and family, Miss Larkin, Mr Hutton and family, Messrs Martin, Yarbury, Norcott, Herd, Jeffrey, Tucker, Thompson, Lilly, Bogle, Hopkins and Sanderman, 8 intermediate and 5 steerage passengers


ship, 414 tons Capt Robert Dambrill master, arrived 30 Jan 1842 at Port Phillip from Liverpool 26 Oct, . Reported on 1 Feb
Passengers Mr John and Mrs Rostieu/Rostron with child and servant, Mr David H and Mrs Stonham, Mr John and Mrs Stephens and son and dau, Miss Tucker, Miss Warburton, and Dr Henry Gordon Camber/Comber surgeon. Intermediate Mr E and Mrs Snyer/Sayce and 2 chn, Mr John and Mrs Pascoe and 4 chn, Messrs Leckey, McGrattie, S and J Parker, Thomas Workington,
IGI extracted entry Henry Gordon Comber chr 14 Mar 1820 son of Jane Hellen and William Turner Comber at Saint Giles, Camberwell, London, UK. (IGI submitted entries) Henry Gordon Comber born 17 Feb 1820 Camberwell Surrey UK son of Jane Helen Castleman and William Turner Comber, died 28 Feb 1866 in Reingate, Surrey, continued to Sydney. Wed 29 Mar 1846 to Matilda Chavez in Arica, Chile. Only child Helena COMBER was born 5 Nov 1848 in Santa Cruz, Bolivia. She died 5 May 1869 - from Nicola Barton family tree.
23 in the Steerage - Mr G and Mrs Nicholson, Mr J and Mrs Hind and infant, Mr W and Mrs Nicholson, Mr R Islage wife and 2 chn, Mr J and Mrs Faux, Mrs Davis, Mary Lakem, Messrs Hardcastle, Bohanah, Fairchild, J Nicholson, Glover, Scougall, Calvart, Caux, Smith, T Nicholson, Butler, Bury and Frayne

18 Feb cleared out for Sydney with part of original cargo.
Passengers Mr and Mrs Hawthorne, Mr and Mrs Thomas, Mr and Mrs Roston with child and servant, Mr and Mrs Stonham, Grisley, Mr Comber, 15 in the steerage.

Belle Creole

barque, 269 tons, Pinchane master, arrived 13 Aug 1842 from the Mauritius. Passengers Madame Ledo, Mr and Mrs Buchanan, Messrs Smith, Phillipson, and Hemyss; 3 in the steerage,
Aug 22 - cleared for Launceston with part of original cargo, 2 passengers in the steerage


arrival, on 18 Oct 1842, barque, 523 tons, Capt James Gilkinton master, from Greenock 6 Feb 1842 Cabin passengers Mr and Mrs Gilchrist and 2 servants, Mr and Mrs Crane and 2 servants and 4 chn, Mr and Mrs Hone, Mrs Olly and 4 servants, Mr and Mrs Rankin and Miss, two Mr Rankin, George Small, John Gibson, J Thompson, J Cunningham, G Lockhart, H Hunter, T Campbell, Alex Spratt
Departed 27 Nov for Sydney

Ben Nevis

arrived 11 Apr 1842 from Leith 23 Nov 1841 to Melbourne, 318 tons, John Nichols master.
Cabin Passengers Messrs Gardiner, Cheyne, M'Ewan, W and H Calcott, Mr and Mrs Purves, James and Robert Findlay, William Fleming and Mrs F Fleming, James Lyall/Syell, and 14 in Steerage


arrived 10 Dec 1842 barque 370 tons Capt Gellatley master, from Leith to Port Phillip
Britannia arrival reported Passengers Mrs Ballingall and 2 dau and 2 sons, 2 Misses Wilkinson and servant, Messrs George A Wilkie, JS McCombie, Maconochie
and John Wright - surgeon, 14 in Steerage
From Melbourne Times report, Intermediate passengers are Mrs Henderson and 5 chn, Miss Beverage, Mrs Sinclair, child and servant, Peter Sinclair, Andrew Beverage, J Stewart and A Andrew, A Archer. Craig and Broadfoot agents.
Dec 28 cleared for Sydney with part of original cargo. Passengers Miss Wilkinson and sister, Miss Arbuckle, Messrs JS Machoniche, John Wright, Robert Tucker, Brisene Ray, 7 in steerage. Departed 31 Dec 1842 for Sydney


arrived 13 Aug 1842 barque 405 tons, Liddell master, from London 14 Apr. Passengers Mr and Mrs Milner, Mr and Mrs Hawdon, Messrs Milner, Barnes, Aitken, Were and Moodie, six Intermediate and seven in the steerage.


local traffic, Sydney, Hobart, etc


brig 231 tons Greig master, arrived 18 May 1842 from London to Port Phillip 1842 [May 18] Passengers Charles Dennys, Angus Dennys, William Leigh, C Bamfield. One in steerage
12 Aug Corsair from Launceston, passengers Messrs Hill, Field, McKinnon, Blake, Cameron, Thompson


arrived 13 Dec 1842, barque 429 tons, Capt George B Duniam master, from Liverpool and Dublin on 12 August. Surgeon Dr Major
Passengers Robert and Alicia Blake, Mrs M'Donald with James, Elizabeth and Charles M'Donald, Mr JN Flood, Henry Woodward, James Peacock.
Intermediate Mrs Kilburn and Sarah, Rev J Ham with Mrs Anne, Jemima and Amelia Ham, Messrs Thomas, Jabez, Theophilus and Cornelius Ham, James Creighton, James Davis, John Conrey, John Haydop; 17 in steerage, Major Esq Surgeon, Thomas Cosby Riddle Agent
Miss Jemima Job Ham wed 15 Dec 1842 to Capt Dunian, departed Jan 1843 for Sydney
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Duke of Richmond

arrived 3 Sep 1842, barque 475 tons, Capt David Clark master, from Leith 5th May. Passengers Rev Mr Thomas Hastie and Jane Hastie, Rev Mr John Robertson, Mr and Mrs Wilson, Messrs George Sinclair Brodie, Hargreaves, Kennedy, Smith, Watson, Landsburgh, John Laing, Bogle, Poland, McKean, Park, Thomson, D Turnbull, P Turnbull, nine intermediate and 41 in the steerage. Craig and Broadfoot agents.

Earl of Durham

Images 245-249 Arrived 18 June 1842, barque, 462 tons, Capt R Tindall master from Gravesend 13 February 1842, a Sunday, with 71 emigrants for Sydney, and 119 for Port Phillip of which 50 were Mr Dendy's Special Survey, under superintendence of Doctor Rutter.
Passengers Messrs Horner, Ricardo, Miade and Wallis, 2 intermediate. Were Bros and Co, Agents
See voyage out to Australia, including a sketch of the vessel. Henry Dendy had purchased land in the new colony of Australia and was entitled to bring out emigrant families free of transportation costs, to work his estates in Brighton, near Melbourne. By the time the emigrants arrived in Port Phillip, William Dendy's fortune had reversed and he had sold most of his land.
The families - William and Elizabeth with their 4 children and Ezekiel (Williams brother) who married on 9 February to Elizabeth (Walters), had left Withyham St. Johns on Thursday 10th of February to travel up to London.
June 25 Passengers Messrs Homer, Ricardo, Miade, and Wallis, also list of goods imported.
July 2 - cleared for Sydney with part of original cargo, Passengers John Rutter surgeon, Mrs Rutter, Capt Gordon, Messrs Horner, Wallace, McDiarmid, Beames, Rutter, 2 in intermediate and 71 immigrants
July 2 reports she Cleared for Sydney 2 July, Passengers Mrs Rutter, Messrs John G Horner, Joseph Wallace, M'Diarmid, Benares and Walter Rutter, Captain Gordon RN, John Rutter Esq Surgeon, In Intermediate Messrs Pierre le Mason and George Bessens, Steerage 71 immigrants.
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arrived 7 Nov 1842, barque, 390 tons Wilson master from Glasgow 26 July and Cape of Good Hope 28 Sep. Passengers Miss M Cashmore, Miss M Acre, Miss Hunter, Mrs Grahame, Rev Alexander McKenzie and 3 chn, Dr Ritchie, Messrs Harper, Stewart, Geahame, Scott and Street, 17 in the steerage. Long list of cargo.
Melbourne Times report

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