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Came to Port Phillip in 1842
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barque 370 tons arrived 19 Feb 1842, Capt Hunter master, from Plymouth 1 Nov 1841 to Port Phillip [assisted emigrant passengers] Images 208-214
Passengers Messrs Goodman, and Jeffrey (received from the Royal George, for Sydney) 200 bounty immigrants under Dr M Iville
"Geelong Advertiser" 7 Mar 1842, reports Regulus is first to bring Immigrants directly to Geelong, where they were landed at the Jetty. Most are not able to work, weak after the long journey.

Robert Benn

barque 809 tons, arrived 26 Jan 1842 Ritchie master, from Greenock 20 Sep 1841 to Melbourne [assisted emigrant passengers] Images 188 and 189
The Robert Benn was a 3-masted, squared-rigged ship built of black birch, oak and tamarack. She was built in Quebec in 1840 and weighed 801 tons. Her owner was Macfie & Co. and her master A Ritchie.
Passengers Rev Mr Thomas Mowbray, Mrs Williamina Mowbray, Miss Elizabeth Anderson, Messrs Kerr, W Rutherford, Robert Cuthbert, J McKenzie, James McFarlane, John Steel, 365 bounty immigrants under Dr James M'Alistair, with 18 deaths during the passage

158 listed - 41 with wife and chn, 14 couples without children, Robert Walker's wife died during voyage leaving family, 101 singles
Found the list in Victorian shipping records, they list 56 families with adults - 55 male and 53 female, total 236 souls, 60 single men and 41 single women, so Bounty was deducted for 19 single men, leaving 4495 pounds approved.
Wooden Barque. Built 1840 St John New Brunswick. 809 tons. Built to shipbuilders own account.
1841. Sold to Graham & McFie , Port of Reg. Greenock.
1847. About 28th. Foundered in Bay of Biscay on passage from Bombay to Liverpool with a cargo of tea valued at 80,000
Captain Richie and crew lost

Samuel Boddington

ship 669 tons, Captain Edward Noakes Master, arrived 13 Jan 1842 from London and Cork 1 Sep 1841 to Port Phillip [assisted emigrant passengers] Images 180-188
passengers Mrs Walsh and 8 chn, Mr and Mrs Riddle and 3 chn, Mr and Mrs Richardson and 2 chn, Miss Hannah and Miss Mary Richardson, Mr and Mrs Bignell and child, Mr and Mrs Whyte and 6 chn, Miss C Dauke, Messrs Dauke, Dalafosse, Fenwick, Stigard, Underwood, Bennett and Goddisson, 199 bounty immigrants under supervision of Dr Belcher, assisted by Crew mewmbers Robert Berger, Henry Holmes and John Talbott.

Sarah One

barque 498 tons, arrived 1 Jan 1842, Edmond, master, London 11 June 1841 and Rio de Janero 3rd October, to Port Phillip,
Passengers Mr and Mrs Payne, Miss Payne, Mr Richard Philpott, the Misses Philpott, Messrs ?Brayon and Pamplan, five in the steerage and 12 bounty immigrants.

Chas Clubb 19, Sarah Clubb 16, Catherine Philpot 17, Mary Ann Philpot 28, Elizabeth Ratten 12, Francis Ratten 15, Geoe Ratten 16 Ratten, Richd Ratten 8, Steven Ratten 6, Thos Ratten 18, Caroline Willington 28, John Willington 34.

Sarah Two

barque 498 tons, Henrick master, second journey, left Plymouth 8 Aug 1842 and arrived 2 Dec 1842
Passengers Mr and Mrs Green and 7 chn, Mr and Mrs Walker, Miss Ormsley, Messrs Swatch, Singleton, and Wrey, 4 intermediate and 20 in steerage.
No births or deaths during the voyage Dec 27, Sarah cleared for China


Arrived at Port Phillip 1 June, barque, 343 tons, Rawlins Master, from London via Cape of Good Hope. Passengers Mr and Mrs Pike/Pyke and child, Mrs Flaxman and family, Messrs Mercer, Barrett and Patch. Six in the Steerage. E Westby and Co, Agents. Long list of goods imported.
The Seppings reports the Somersetshire, prison ship bound for Sydney, having put into the Cape on the 8th April, in consequence of a mutany having broken out on board.
June 17, Seppings sailed for Hobart Town, with part of original cargo. Passengers Mrs and Master Rawlins.


barque 345 tons, Capt John Quiller, arrived 22 Jan 1842 from Liverpool 16 Aug 1841
Passengers Cabin Mrs Dudgeon, Mr O'Reilly/O'Rielly
intermediate Miss Street, Mrs Lee/Leigh and child, Messrs Milroy, Peeke
Depart 15 Feb 1842 for Sydney


barque 416 tons, Robinson master, Arrival 13 Feb 1842, recorded Tue Feb 15, 1842 from London 1 Sep 1841. Passengers Mr and Mrs Sheldon, Mr and Mrs Cuff, Mrs Pinnock, 3 chn and a servant, Mr and Mrs Hull, Mrs McKay, Messrs Cay, J and H Hull, McKinnon, Theyme and Suxford.


barque, Capt Killenbergh Master, 301 tons, arrived 18 Dec 1842 at Port Phillip from Sydney with passengers Mr P and Mrs Duttton, 2 chn and servant, Mr and Mrs Legensoe, Mrs Dumont and servant, Mr LA Laurin


barque 460 tons arrived 17 Feb 1842 and reported 22 Feb, Capt John Cass master, from London and Cork 9 Nov 1841 to Port Phillip [assisted emigrant passengers] Images 200-207
Passengers Mr and Mrs Quinlan and chn, Messrs Galway, Canney, and Underwood, with 3 Intermediate (George Sullivan 24, Anne 20 and infant son Robert) and 230 bounty immigrants under superintendence of Dr Murray

In 1854 the Thetis arrived Thurs 31 August, 573 tons, R. Breckon, Master, from Plymouth May 21st 1854 with 226 Government emigrants.. 19th ship from England to S.A. with government passengers for 1854; Robert Johnston, surgeon-superintendent.
Now rigged as a Ship, having been one hundred and four days on the voyage; she brought 227 emigrants; seven births and seven deaths occurred at sea.
This vessel, in its present state, is not well adapted for an emigrant ship; the rigging is old and bad, and there was great leakage throughout the ship on both sides, wetting the bedding and causing great discomfort to the emigrants. I think it wonderful that sickness did not prevail to a much greater extent on board this ship. The people seemed a very eligible class, finding ready employment and the Surgeon-Superintendent performed his duties very satisfactorily. At the muster, a strange but serious complaint was lodged by four single girls against the Surgeon-Superintendent. On investigating this charge, I found that these four girls were the worst behaved females on board, and it seemed that they had agreed among themselves to make a charge against the Doctor, by way of making the first attack ; but there was abundant evidence that their accusation was utterly untrue.

Thomas Hughes

barque 310 tons, Capt Thomas Butler, arived 25 Dec 1842 from Liverpool. Surgeon Dr Vaughan
Passengers Miss Buckley, Mrs Butler, JP Coletough/Colclough,
Intermediate Rev Cornelius Dominic Coghlan (RC), Capt Bramwell, Mr Walker with child, Messrs Beeby, Day, Gordon, Horncastle, Pickering, Rudd
Steerage has 18 passengers and 10 immigrants

Thomas Lord

a schooner of 70 tons, carrying 2 passengers and a cargo of sundries, it left Sydney on 2 Sept. 1842 arriving in Melbourne 23 Sept 1842 a trip of 21 days.


arrived 17 Apr 1842, schooner 123 tons Capt Bentley master, from Newcastle to Port Phillip, Passengers Mr and Mrs Vaughan, Mrs Bentley, Mr and Mrs Head, J P and Mrs Leeson, Hy and Mrs Porter, and in the steerage Andrew Dunn, Auguste Muller, William Turner,


arrived 28 Sep 1842 barque, 281 tons, F Ormond master, from London 19 May, Passenger for Port Phillip Mr Kampf, others for Auckland, New Zealand.
Dec 6, Tuscan from New Zealand, Passengers his family - Mrs Ormond, dau and 3 sons, Messrs Wellman, Telford, Hotchkin, 12 in steerage.

Two Sisters

barque arrived 5 Apr 1842, 500 tons, Capt James M'Nair master, from Liverpool on 26 Nov 1841 for Port Phillip, Sydney and Port Nicholson.
Passengers Dr Adams surgeon, Mr and Mrs Rostron and family, Messrs Barton, Holdforth, Salsbury, Dunlop, Phillips, Cullin, Palmer, Ormond, Cinamor/Summer. Were Bros agents.
Cargo includes for R Parker 1 cart, CM Penny 1 tin box, JA Marsden 2 cases, TC Riddell 154 barrels porter,
Departed May 1842 for Sydney, passengers Mrs Bourne, Dr Adams, Messrs Holdforth, Barton, Salisbury, Gunn and Holloway


visited Port Phillip 18/7/1842 Schooner 84 tons, departed London 7 November 1841. See notes for Benjamin Boyd who founded Boydtown, on the NSW coast.


barque 293 tons, Capt Morris master, arrived 25 Feb 1842 from Greenock. Passengers Rev Mr Gunn, Messrs Pullar and Gunn


barque 266 tpns, Captain Linnington arrived late 4 Aug 1842 from Liverpool on 5 Apr 1842 via St Jago, Cape deVerde Islands, Report 9 Aug, Passengers Mrs and Master William Linnington. Miss Eyne, Revd B Hurst with wife and child, Revd B Tuckfield, Revd S Wilkinson with wife and 2 chn, Mr G Wilmott, Capt Symers/Wymiss
Departed August for Sydney

William Nicholl

arrived 9 Feb 1842, ship 409 tons, Elder master, from Leith 2 Sep 1841 via Cape of Good Hope to Port Phillip [assisted emigrant passengers] 1842 [Feb 9]
Passengers Rev A Laurie, Mrs Laurie, Mr and Mrs Hanston, Mrs Anderson, the Misses Anderson, Miss Kirkwood, Messrs Knight, Fleming, MacFarlane, Finlay, and Hawthorne; Intermediate 14 and 31 bounty Immigrants
Thomas Fulton, wife Elizabeth and 2 dau Agnes 4 and Anne 2, Black Ellen, Brewster Anne, Brewster Elenora, Brewster William, Butchert James, Cameron Thomas, Croll William, Jane and Family, Fulton Thomas, Elizabeth and Family, Hawkins Benjamin and Isabella, Lywood John, Mary and Family, Mccrew Anne, Mcfarlane John, Catherine and Family, Mcintosh Daniel, Rosey Mary, Ryria Alexander, Scott Eliza, Smyth George, Stewart George, Mary and Family


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