They came by ship in 1844
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They came by ship - Assisted Immigrants who arrived 1844

Passenger lists - NSW lists as families or singles, Victoria has age of individual, or C=child, A=Adult.
Some are not on both lists, people slip between the lists - Vic includes crew and maybe the paying passengers.
I indicate if I have viewed the fiche containing photographed images of the Returns of Passengers. This is sometimes difficult, maybe impossible (lovely word - 'illegible') and frustrating when people are so important they are listed as Mr and Lady, when I want the forenames.


arrived 28 Oct 1844, barque 421 tons, Capt James B Grant, arrived 28 Dec 1844 from Leith 5 Jun 1844. Passengers Cabin for Port Phillip—(cabin) Misses Craigmile and Lawson, Mr Charles Myles Officer, Master Henry S and W F Officer; (steerage) Mr Barber, Mr and Mrs Lang and child, Mr and Mrs Hastie and child. For Sydney Misses Bell and Fennell, Bryce Barker, Robert Barker, Mr and Mrs Bissland Senior, Mr and Mrs Bissland Junior and son and dau, Mr Gibson, Mr Little, Miss Little and Master Little, Mr Murray, Mr, Mrs Horden/Hordern with son and dau, Mr Urquhart
Surgeon, John Smith Esq M.D.
ICE BERGS—The Clarendon, on her way to this port fell in with several ice bergs, on 12th Sept, in lat. 37° S and long. 25° E., 9 were of enormous size, one of them in particular which was upwards of 150 feet high; they were drifting in a northerly direction. It was most remarkable that while the ship was surrounded with ice, the temperature of the air was 58° and in the water 65°.
Departed 3 Nov 1844 for Sydney

Dale Park

arrived 21 July 1844 barque 402 tons, Coombes master from London and Cork to Port Phillip [assisted emigrant passengers] 1844 [Jul 21] Images 315-324, also sets 9 pages
The Bounty payment has dropped to 18/14/- for adults, 9/7/- for children. Steerage 3 males, 2 females and 1 female child Mr and Mrs Barroe and 2 dau, Mr Stowe. Dr Thomas Veitch surgeon landed 213 souls.
As published in Melbourne Weekly Courier, 10 Aug 1844, the Immigrants numbered 41 married males, 41 married females and 80 children, 28 unmarried males and 31 unmarried females, total 221. 12 families consisting of 59 souls, 2 unmarried females and 3 unmarried males were forwarded to Geelong. 8 families of 37 souls came into Depot. All the single men and women were engaged shortly after the arrival of the ship, 4 or 5 families and some of the children from 8 to 14 years of age and upwards. The people were chiefly selected in the midland counties of England, and in the northern counties of Ireland, and the whole appear to be of a class desirable for the colony.

Perilous Journeys page 118, Dr James Veitch reported 8 deaths of infants or small children. Two passengers misbehaved and were disciplined - Ann Mullen single woman, and James Sedgwick married man, 'soon bought to do their duty, by confinement and stoppage of rations'. Letter to G W Cole per 'DALE PARK' a barque of 401 tons, left London on the 30th March 1844 stopping at Cork in Ireland and arriving in Melbourne on 21st July 1844 a trip of 113 days. The barque carried 5 passengers, 229 bounty emigrants and a cargo of merchandise.
The "Dale Park" under the captaincy of I.S.Combe arrived at Port Phillip, Victoria (then still part of New South Wales) on 21 July 1844. Passengers included James and Charlotte Wheeler
29 Aug - Dale Park departing for Valparaiso with original cargo from london, plus 1 hogshead brandy, 6 bales wool, 61 casks beer


Departures — May 2, Diana, brig, Tulloch for Portland Bay. May 3, Gilmore, barque, Mann, London. Passengers—Mr and Miss Rose, Capt and Mrs Langdon, two children and a servant. Mr Stoddart, and three in the steerage. Cargo-289 bales wool, 164 casks tallow, 416 tons bark.


barque from London to Port Phillip via Launceston.
Arrived 26 Feb 1844, barque, 283 tons, Wilson master, from London with Cabin passengers Mrs Wilson and Mrs Marsden, and 2 adults and one child in Steerage.
From Cape of Good Hope - Mr and Mrs Partridge, 2 chn in steerage
From Launceston two Messrs McArthur, Mr and Mrs Russell, Mr Hodgson, Mr and Mrs Gardiner and child, Mr Cole.

Imaum of Muscat

arrived 1 Dec 1843 and departed 10 Feb for Liverpool.
Passengers Dr Miller, Messrs Heape, John Postlethwaite, Christy and Ward.
Cargo 1183 bales wool, 117 tons bark, 4 boxes curiousities

Isabella shipwrecked 21 June 1844

, reported Port Phillip Herald 2 July 1844, she left Hobson's Bay on 18 June for London and Leith. Ladies and some of the men were landed and the next morning the others also, but could not save clothes or property. Lived on pumpkins that floated shore, and after 3 days learned they were on Flinders Island, where the Flying Fish was lying. Dr and Mrs Milligan, who hold a government appointment at the Aboriginal Station on Flinders Island, gave clothes and provisions and aid.
Mrs Hardie and infant, Mrs French and child, Miss Scott, Messrs Broadfoot, John Hunter, Alexander Campbell, - McNeil (from Port Fairy) and Barry Cotter. Intermediate Jack Ewart, G Roach (Darebin Creek), H Davis, and - Coffin (late of the Wallace) also a list of cargo.
On 5 July 1844, PPHerald hac a letter from 2 of the crew, asking for help to be given to all who were shipwrecked, not just one young lady. Signed John Celer and George Clark
Port Phillip Herald 17 Sept 1844 lists the results of the sale of all salvage from the wreck of the Isabella

Abberton, Jane Goudie, Royal George,

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