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William Metcalfe 1839 from Disposal records, and 68 paid their own fare.
Recorded by other people
Georgiana 1841 and Frankfield 1841 notes from the Diary of Richard Ryther Steer Bowker, by
Branken Moor Part 1 and Part 2 1841, passenger list and Notes, transcribed by Veronica Maude Bates
Frankfield 1841 passenger list by Dot Wells 2001
Gilmore 1841 passenger list by Dot Wells 2001
Wallace 1841 A-K and Wallace L-W passenger lists by Dot Wells Immigrant's Story, he came on the Theresa 1847 to SA

Lovely references and some Links

'The Overflow of Clancy' by Eric Gerald Clancy 1979
Chapter 1, Irish life and deciding to immigrate on the 'Diamond'
Chapter 1 their first few years in Melbourne
Lenore Frost's Port Phillip District & Victorian settlers indexes, Links to Lookups and Surname Lists
The Port Phillip Almanac and Directory 1847 being some Residents with addresses
Kerr's Melbourne almanac 994.51KER Kerr's Melbourne almanac, and Port Phillip directory, for 1841 : a compendium of useful and accurate information connected with Port Phillip / compiled by William Kerr.
Mona Vale : Lansdown Slattery, 1978. Note: First published : Melbourne : Kerr and Holmes 1841. ISBN 0868330116 OPEN SHELVES
The Town of Melbourne was raised to the status of a City by Letters Patent of Queen Victoria dated 25 June, 1847, just five years after its incorporation. This royal action arose from a desire to establish a bishop’s see of the Church of England in the town: as the establishment of a bishopric required the status of a city, Melbourne was ecclesiastically created a cathedral city by the letters which the Queen gave to the first bishop.
It was not until 3 August, 1849, that it found a place in the statute book, when Act 13 Victoria No. 14 was finally assented to as “An Act to effect a change in the Style and Title of the Corporation of Melbourne rendered necessary by the erection of the Town of Melbourne to a City”.
The Right Reverend Charles Perry was consecrated as the first bishop of Melbourne on 29 June, 1847, four days after the granting of the Letters Patent by the Queen. He arrived in Melbourne on board ‘The Stag’ on 23 January, 1848, and was installed on 28 June that year in the Cathedral Church of St. James.
The Letters Patent given to Dr. Perry were subsequently lost and not recovered until 1930 when they were found in an old London second-hand shop. They now form part of the Collection of St Paul’s Cathedral and are treasured by its authorities.
Sandford Event Timeline Sandford was an original HENTY family pastoral run and is now a rural hamlet in the Wannon River valley, south of Casterton in South-West Victoria, Australia. In 1847 - John HENTY sold "Sandford House" to Samuel & William JACKSON of Melbourne. Their nephew John Henry JACKSON came to Sandford to manage "Sandford House" for his uncles and remained until his death in February, 1915.
Henty -First Families South West Victoria, Australia was settled first by the Henty family in 1837. Daryl Povey has pioneer indexes including the areas of Carapook, Digby, Hotspur, Sandford and Merino, all around Portland.
PORT PHILLIP CLERGY SYMONS, John Christian (Rev.) (1821-1894) ( Wesleyan Methodist ) Born on 24 January 1821 at Lower St. Columb/Trevilly, Cornwall, England, Arrived at Melbourne on 9 November 1846 per "Maitland" from London, England. Acted as religious instructor to convict exiles on the voyage out. Returned to England and wed 1848
Insolvency to 1852 The early settlers had severe economic problems and 364 insolvencies are listed to the end of 1848 by the Newspapers reporting court cases, and warning potential creditors.
Jenny Fawcett 2003-2004 Indexes Includes those travelling from Tasmania to Victoria, by years, examples
1842Index 1 - Port Fairy & Portland Arrivals and Departures.
1842Index 2 - Port Fairy & Portland & George Town Arrivals and Departures.
1842Index 3 - Port Fairy & Portland & Melbourne Arrivals & Departures.
Western District Passenger lists to and from Launceston, Georgetown, and Tasmania to Port Fairy & Portland
Port Fairy By 1839 John Cox, who has sailed across Bass Strait from Launceston, opened a store on the site which is now the corner of Cox and Gipps Streets. In 1843 a Sydney solicitor James Atkinson purchased 5120 acres (2072 hectares) of land at Port Fairy for £1 per acre. He converted the sealing community into a modern port by draining the swamps around the town, subdividing and selling/leasing the land and building the harbour on the Moyne River. So proud was Atkinson of his handiwork that he decided to rename the town Belfast, after the Irish city which he called home. A similar project was undertaken by William Rutledge who had also received 5120 acres in 1843. The result was that Belfast became the largest privately-owned town in Australia and the few local residents, who had simply squatted prior to Atkinson's purchase, suddenly found themselves paying rent to their new landlord. As a result agriculture in the area developed rapidly and there were years when up to 20 vessels came to Port Fairy just to load the onions and potatoes for sale in Melbourne.
Alberton Alberton became the administrative centre of Gippsland in the 1840s. Two of its early settlers, the Martin Brothers, ensured a place for themselves in the local annals when they imported an elephant from Ceylon to clear their property. Unfortunately it escaped one evening and, weakened by cold and hunger, died a few kilometres away.
Bell Family David Bell, Born: 1808, Cookstown, Tyrone, Ireland * Marriage: Isabella Chambers 1840, Cookstown Co Tyrone Arrived Australia 2 Jan 1841 "Salsette",
William John Bell Born: 1842, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, Annie c1843, Richard Chambers Bell Born: 1845, Bullen, Victoria, Australia
Died: 5 Oct 1856, Templestowe, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia at age 48. Buried: 7 Oct 1856, Heidleberg, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Isabella Chambers was born in 1820 in Cookstown, Tyrone, Ireland, died on 20 Apr 1890 aged 70, in Little Hampton, Talbot, Victoria, Australia and was buried on 22 Apr 1890 in Spring Hill Ceme.)
Angelo AZOPARDI Birth c.1847 Birth place Melbourne, Victoria, Australia Death 18 January 1896 Death place Brunswick, Victoria, Australia
Summary Painter | Printer | Publisher | Engraver (wood-engraver); xylographers | Artist (water-colouristist) | (son of Antonio Azopardi). Worked: Australia (VIC)
Convicts Ticket of Leave 929.39BUT Tickets of leave and certificates of freedom index, 1840-1851 / indexed & supplied by Marion Button. Entries have been taken from the Port Phillip Herald, 1840-1846 and from the Argus for 1847-1851.
The Port Phillip 919.451POR The Port Phillip almanac and directory, for 1847 / compiled by J.J. Mouritz. North Sydney : Library of Australian History, 1979. Note: Facsimile series (Library of Australian History) ; no. 20. First published: Melbourne : Herald, 1847. ISBN 090812029X STACK
994.5 Port Phillip/Victoria directories, 1839-1867. Melbourne : Library Council of Victoria, 1984 64 microfiche. Contents : Microreproduction of postal, squatting, farming, professional and commercial directories published 1839-1867. Directories originally issued as serials. Accompanied by index on 2 sheets. MICROFORM
Electoral Rolls 324.64BUT Button, Marion Electoral lists 1841-1851 Gisborne, Vic : M. Button, c1994. 3 microfiche. Contents: Entries are from the Port Phillip Herald for 1840-1846 and from the Argus for 1848-1851; the lists vary considerably in coverage and are generally for the Melbourne area. Most of the lists give addresses. Additional information, such as lists of voters for particular candidates, may be found in the newspapers. MICROFORM
Q324.241 Hughes, Ian Alexander 1949- Port Phillip District (County of Bourke) electoral roll, 1845 / Northcote, Vic., 1979. GENEALOGY SHELVES
Q324.241HUG Hughes, Ian Alexander Melbourne Electoral roll, 1847 Northcote Vic., 1978. ISBN 0959630007 GENEALOGY SHELVES
324.64VIC Victoria electoral roll, 1949 Melbourne: Council of the State Library of Victoria, 1992. 355 microfiche. MICROFORM
Government Gazette 079.9451POR Port Phillip government gazette. North Carlton Vic. : Nova Micrographic Services, 1990. 58 microfiche. Note: Weekly. Reproduction of: Melbourne : Govt. Printer, 1843-1851. MICROFORM
Passengers 929.39BUT Button, Marion Port Phillip Herald passenger index 1840-1846 Gisborne, Vic : M. Button, c1994. 2 microfiche. ISBN 0646169432 MICROFORM
929.39IND An index of passengers who sailed on vessels which left the port of Bristol for Victoria 1841 - 1863 / indexed by Florence Chuk. Ballarat, Vic. : Pennard Hill Publications, 1996. GENEO REF
Q929.39HUG Hughes, Ian Alexander Passengers to Port Phillip from Commonwealth & foreign ports, 1838-51. Northcote : I.A. Hughes, c1981. ISBN 0949872059 GENEALOGY SHELVES
Q929.39HUG Hughes, Ian Alexander Passengers to Port Phillip from Liverpool, 1839-51. Northcote Vic. : I.A. Hughes, c1982. ISBN 0949872061 GENEALOGY SHELVES
929.39HUG Hughes, Ian Alexander Coastal Passengers to Port Phillip 1840. Northcote Vic. : I. Hughes, c1983 ISBN 0949872105 (pbk.) GENEALOGY SHELVES
Q929.39HUG Hughes, Ian Alexander Coastal passengers to Port Phillip 1844. Melbourne : I.A. Hughes, c1987. ISBN 0949872148 GENEALOGY SHELVES
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Q929.39HUG Hughes, Ian Alexander Passengers to Port Phillip from Southern England & Ireland, 1839-42. Northcote Vic. : I.A. Hughes, c1981. ISBN 0949872024 GENEALOGY SHELVES
Q929.39HUG Hughes, Ian Alexander Passengers to Port Phillip from southern England & Ireland, 1843-48. Northcote Vic. : I.A. Hughes, 1981. ISBN 0949872032 GENEALOGY SHELVES
Q929.39CHU Chuk, Florence The Somerset years : government - assisted emigrants from Somerset and Bristol who arrive in Port Phillip, Victoria 1839-1854. Ballarat, Vic. : Pennard Hill Publications, 1987. ISBN 073160136X GENEALOGY SHELVES
Early Melbourne Q994.51 Garryowen The chronicles of early Melbourne, 1835 to 1852 : historical, anecdotal and personal. Melbourne : Heritage, 1976. Note: This ed. first published as Centennial ed. Melbourne : Fergusson and Mitchell, 1888. STACK
994.57LEA Learmonth, Noel Fulford The Portland Bay settlement : being the history of Portland, Victoria, from 1800 to 1851 / Hawkesdale : Baulch Publications, 1983. Note: Facsim. ed. of The Portland Bay settlement : being the history of Portland, Victoria, from 1800 to 1851/by Noel F. Learmonth ; with a foreword by A.S. Kenyon. Portland : Historical Committee of Portland, 1934. New foreword by Geoffrey Blainey. Includes index. Portland (Vic.) ISBN 0959207902 OPEN SHELVES
Publicans 929.39BUT Pubs and publicans index, 1840-1854 / indexed and supplied by Marion Button. Gisborne, Vic.: M. Button, 1994. 4 microfiche. ISBN 0646183338 Note: Eye readable titles: Pubs index, 1840-1854; Publicans index, 1840-1854. Index entries have been taken from the Port Philip Herald for 1840-1846, and from the Argus for 1847 onwards. The index is in two parts - surnames of publicans and pub names.
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