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Surnames - List

They came by ship - Assisted Immigrants who arrived 1846

Passenger lists - NSW lists as families or singles, Victoria has age of individual, or C=child, A=Adult.
Some are not on both lists, people slip between the lists - Vic includes crew and maybe the paying passengers.
I indicate if I have viewed the fiche containing photographed images of the Returns of Passengers. This is sometimes difficult, maybe impossible (lovely word - 'illegible') and frustrating when people are so important they are listed as Mr and Lady, when I want the forenames.
The Melbourne courier ended 11 March 1846, Port Phillip Herald


barque 388 tons, George Burrell master, from London 20 and Downs 26 July, to Port Phillip 1846 [Nov 21]
Page 333, Passengers Mr and Mrs Dwyer, Mr and Miss Clowes, Intermediate Mr James Painter
Reported Sydney Shipping Gazette Volume 3, Number 99 (7 February, 1846) page 39. Departure Jan 29, Achilles barque, Burrell master, for London. Passengers - Cabin Mrs Evans, Robert Gardiner and HR Hughes, Esqrs. Steerage - W Dudley and J Prior. Cargo 1547 bales wool, 25 casks tallow, 7 bundles copper, 30.5 tons copper ore, 1293 hides, 4 casks bones, 1 cask rags, 1 log mahogany

Achilles barque 388 tons, G Burrell master, from London to Port Phillip 1846 [Nov 21]
Page 333, Passengers Mr and Mrs Dwyer, Mr and Miss Clowes, Intermediate Mr James Painter

Alice Maud

barque 464 tons, David Williams master, from Liverpool 15 June to Port Phillip 1846 [Nov 21] Shipping Gazette Page 333, Passengers Mr, Mrs, Miss McMillan and servant, Mr Ryan, Mr Patterson, Mr and Mrs Saunders, Dr, Mrs and Miss Dickson and servant, Mrs Williams; steerage J and D McGregor, J and W Niven, J Robertson, J and W Haxton, W Gibson, and H kerr


barque from London to Port Phillip 1846 [Oct 30] Jan 3 1846 Arab sailed for London


ship 373 tons, Blanchard master, from Liverpool 2 Nov to Port Phillip 1846 [Feb 26]
Passengers (Cabin) Mr Hacker and lady, Rev G Collier, lady, 2 chn, 2 servants. Miss Kay and servant, (Intermediate) Mr J Crossley and wife, Mr Bentley, Mr Collins, 2 chn, Mr H Ross

Captain Ross

barque 310 tons, W M'Arthur commander, from Glasgow 5 March to Port Phillip 1846 [Jul 27] Passengers Mr John Porter, Mr Black


schooner from Manila to Port Phillip 1846 [Jan 13]


brigantine 138 tons, WF Plant commander, from London 14 and Downs 29 July to Port Phillip 1846 [Nov 21] Passengers Captain, Mrs and Miss Bliss, Dr Tosillian, and Mr Bland

Duke of Richmond

cleared 12 Feb 1846 for London, barque, 470 tons, Thomas Barclay master, Cabin passengers Mr and Mrs Meek and 2 chn, Messrs GC Clark, C Hughes, C Brinton
Cargo 1903 bales wool, 1 box pape, 1 box curiosities, 4 boxes apparel, 100 tons pig iron

Eleanor Lancaster

barque from London to Port Phillip 1846 [Jun 14]


barque 331 tons, Kerr commander, from Liverpool 16 Jan to Melbourne 1846 [Jun 6] Passenger Mr A Sawer


brig 242 tons, J Ramsay commander, from Liverpool 25 July, to Port Phillip 1846 [Nov 21] Passengers Mr Henry Maude and Mr Thomas Bell

George Washington

arrived 22 Jan from Bremen. Passengers T Clodious, E Kinoth, I Imberg, E Schohl, Miss JP Burmester, Mr Lange, Mrs Lange, 4 dau and 3 sons, and A Gericke, M Muller, D Hergott, female missionaries and 210 German emigrants


arrived 1 March 186, barque Russell master, from London 11 Nov, to Port Phillip 1846 [Mar 1] Passengers Cabin Mr Thomas Woolley, Steerage Messrs Robinson and Prosser


barque 478 tons, Hew Burn, commander, from London 20th April arrived 23 Aug Passengers Major Mercer, Messrs T Bawtree, J Henderson, J M'Taggart.


barque 372 tons, W Henry commander, from London via Adelaide on 1 Dec.
Passengers Richard Mansfield, wife and child, James Reple, Isaac, Maria and Jane Wallace, Mrs McDonald, Mr Jones, wife and child, Mr Bradbury, wife and child, Timothy Kelly wife and child, Honoria Kelly, William Cook and Thomas Ransom.


barque from Glasgow to Port Phillip 1846 [Dec 14]
Newspaper reports arrival


ship, 680 tons, Grey master, from London 22 May 1846 via Hobart Town, 27 Oct 1846 Port Phillip 9 Nov 1846 - with 299 Parkhurst and Pentonville Exiles
Received on board from Pentonville prison, 196, from Millbank prison 32, from Parkhurst prison 70, from the Justitia Hulk, 1, total 299, with 8 deaths, number landed at Port Phillip 291 From: "Ada Ackerly" Subject: Re: [GEELONG] Exiles from Oxford : Ada Part 2 Date: Fri, 9 Mar 2007 12:58:26 +1100 References: **On the MAITLAND arrived 13 Nov 1846:** Thomas CRAPPER at Oxford Dec1843 >convicted 10 years burglary.born 1828, single,reads and writes, taught trade of shoemaker ( trade used to good effect in Australia, seems the "top" trade taught to model prisoners) William WARD at Oxford July 1844 >convicted of horse stealing. born 1815 a miller and baker, married, reads and writes,taught trade of carpenter (another trade for model prisoners) John EDEN at Oxford July 1844 >convicted larceny. born 1823, a farm labourer,single,reads and writes, taught trade of rugmaker. Henry GOULDING at Oxford Oct 1844 >convicted two terms of 7 years each, so 14 years,felony,born 1818, a linen draper,taught trade of weaver, widower, reads and writes **On the SIR THOMAS ARBUTHNOT 29 Dec1846** Daniel CLIFFORD at Oxford March 1845 >convicted 10 years,house breaking,born 1828, taught trade of tailor, single, reads and writes James WOOLLEY at Salford August 1843 >convicted 7years, stealing silver spoons, born 1828, a carpenter, taught trade of carpenter (he may have been an instructor), single, reads and writes. Parkhurst Governor: "character and disposition good. Industrious and useful as a colonist." John SHAW at Salford Feb1845 >convicted 7 years, of felony, born 1828, a factory labourer, taught trade of tailor, single, reads and writes. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------


brig from Liverpool to Port Phillip 1846 [Oct 1]


barque 280 tons, Murray commander, from London 3rd and Plymouth 7th July, to Port Phillip 1 Nov 1846 - Passenger Miss Mary Sparke


barque from London to Port Phillip 1846 [Nov 1]


brig from London to Port Phillip 1846 [Nov 12]

Sir Joseph Soames

From: "Ada Ackerly" Subject: Re: [GEELONG] Exiles from Oxford : Ada Part 2 Date: Fri, 9 Mar 2007 12:58:26 +1100 References: On the SIR JOSEPH SOAMES 8 Oct 1847 Samuel GARDINER at Oxford Oct 1842 John SMITH at Salford Oct 1843 Richard PERRIN at Oxford July 1845 Johnthan THOMAS at Salford Sept 1845


barque Robert Davidson master, from London 7 Aug to Port Phillip 1846 [Dec 16] Passengers Mrs Greening and child, Mr Donald, Mrs Weed, Mrs Warner and child, Mr Phillips


arrived Port Phillip 27 Jan for newspaper report 29 Jan, barque, 429 tons, Bruton master, from Hobart 12 Jan, Passengers J Wemyss Manley Esq., Steerage Mrs Bradley and 3 chn, James Worthing and wife, James Seaton, John Mitchell, and 50 Pentonville exiles under the supervision of Dr H Baker, RN
Jan 1846 Reported Sydney Shipping Gazette Volume 3, Number 99 (7 February, 1846) page 39. Arrival January 27, Stratheden, barque, 431 tons, Hunter master, from Hobart Town. Passengers JW Manley Esq, fifty men from the Pentonville Prison, four privates and one corporal of the 99th Regiment; seven in the steerage.


brig, 225 tons, P Scott master, from Leith 8 Apr and Adelaide 5 Sep, arrived 11 Sep.
Passengers Messrs D Scott, Josiah Purdie, Peter Budge, Charles Grey, Kennedy, P Mara, William Waining, New, Buchabab, T Weston, James Rush, Mrs C Rush and 3 chn, Mr and Mrs Aicheson, B Aicheson.


barque 296 tons, James Douglas commander, from London and Downs 3 Aug to Port Phillip 20 Dec 1846 Passengers Mr and Mrs Oswald and child, and Mrs Webster
Second vessel same name, Vixen cleared 6 Nov for Sydney, with passengers Mr and Mrs Davies and child, Mr Wild.


schooner from Mauritius to Port Phillip 1846 [Apr 27]

William Wilson

barque 410 tons, WE Shaw master (son of Mr Shaw of this district), from London 24th and Downs 28th March, to Port Phillip 1846 [Jul 29]
Passengers Captain and Mrs Coltish, Messrs James and John Bingley, Miss Oswin, Steerage Messrs Blundell, Emmin, Fisher and Smith (btother of Mr Smith of the "Young Queen")

William Wise

arrived 23 Jan 1846 brig 229 tons, Lowe master, from London 25 Sep and the Downs 5 Oct 1845. Passenger Mr George Rutherford. Agent James Cain


barque from London to Port Phillip 1846 [Oct 29]
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