This is just some information on the free simulator called FMS.  Here are some screen captures of the simulator.  This heli was modelled from scatch using an ASCII file to define the helicoter geometry.  It is very easy just a basic understanding xyz geometry.  This is a work in progress as I measure and model each part of the helicopter.  The simulator menus are all in German so you will have to print this page.

FMS Simulator.
Build your own
Transmitter Interface for FMS.
Unzip the following file into the \Program Files\FMS\Modell directory.
Download this FMS heli
System Requirements :
Your computer should have a good 3D video card,  I am using a Voodoo 3000 and a PIII 450 with 256 MB Ram.  I am sure any high end card will work with openGL.

Controller :
I use the Dave Brown controller that plugs into my game port. 
Installing the Dave Brown in the Windows Game Controllers.