Jurnal Kependidikan dan Kebudayaan




Ahmad Suriansyah 

Abstract: The implementation of the local government autonomy have brought about  the autonomy in the educational execution at school levels. The autonomy at school levels has been carried out through the application of Improvement of School-Based Quality Management concept. This concept essentially gives an autonomy to its head master including teachers to be creative and innovative in the learning and teaching process. The problem is whether it is visible in the daily practices. Their Creativity will improve if their environment sopport them to be creative. Creativity is marked by self identity, productive thinking, and inventive problem solving of the individuals involved. These all need supports in order that they can maximally improve their creativity. Fast development in science and technology has resulted in both positive and negative impacts. A nation can optimally survive if they or each of the members have potency, logical thought, creativity, and productive attitude. The three capabilities, therefore, must be improved through education.

Kata kunci
: capabilities, creativity, logical thought, and productive attitude


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