List of Albums on the Gordy Label


901The ContoursDo You Love Me10.1962
902Martha & the VandellasCome And Get These Memories6.1963
903Ralph SharonModem Innovations On Country And Western Themes6.1963
906Rev. Martin Luther KingThe Great March To Freedom8.1963
907Martha & The VandellasHeatwave9.1963
908Rev. Martin Luther KingThe Great March On Washington10.1963
911The TemptationsMeet The Temptations3.1964
912The TemptationsSing Smokey2.1965
914The TemptationsThe Temptin'Temptations11.1965
915Martha & The VandellasDance Party4.1965
917Martha & The VandellasGreatest Hits5.1966
918The TemptationsGetting'Ready6.1966
919The TemptationsGreatest Hits11.1966
920Martha & the VandellasWatchout12.1966
921The TemptationsLive!3.1967
922The TemptationsWith A Lot O'Soul7.1967
923San Remo Golden StringsHungry For Love8.1967
924The TemptationsIn A Mellow Mood8.1967
925Martha Reeves & the VandellasLive!8.1867
926Martha Reeves & the VandellasRidin'High4.1968
927The TemptationsWish It Would Rain4.1968
928San Remo Golden StringsSwing6.1968
929Rev. Martin Luther KingFree At Last6.1968
930Bobby Taylor & the VancouversBobby Taytor & the Vancouvers8.1968
931Edwin StarrSoul Master8.1968
932Eivets RednowAlfie11.1968
933The TemptationsThe Temptations Show7.1969
935VariousMotown Winners Circle vol. 11.1969
936VariousMotown Winners Circle Vol. 21.1969
938The TemptationsLive At The Copa12.1968
939The TemptationsCloud Nine2.1969
940Edwin Starr25 Miles4.1969
942Bobby TaylorTaylor Made Soul7.1969
943VariousMotown Winners Circle Vol. 37.1969
944Martha & the VandellasSugarn'Spice9.1969
945Edwin Starr & BlinkyJust We Two9.1969
946VariousMotown Winners Circle Vol. 410.1969
947The TemptationsPsychedelic Shack3.1970
948Edwin StarrWar And Peace8.1970
949The TemptationsPuzzle People9.1969
950VariousMotown Winners Circle Vol. 53.1970
951The TemptationsChristmas Card10.1970
952Martha Reeves & the VandellasNatural Resources9.1970
953The TemptationsLive At London's Talk Of The Town7.1970
954The TemptationsGreatest Hits VoL 29.1970
955The Undisputed TruthThe Undisputed Truth6.1971
956Edwin StarrInvolved6.1971
957The TemptationsSky's The Limit4.1971
958Martha Reeves & the VandellasBlack Magic3.1972
959The Undisputed TruthFace To Face With The Truth1.1972
961The TemptationsSolid Rock1.1972
962The TemptationsAll Directions7.1972
963The Undisputed TruthLaw Of The Land6.1973
964Luther AllisonBad News Is Coming12.1972
965The TemptationsMasterpiece2.1973
966The Temptations199012.1973
967Luther AillsonLuther's Blues2.1974
968The Undisputed TruthDown To Earth7.1974
969The TemptationsA Song For You1.1975
970The Undisputed TruthCosmic Truth2.1975
971The TemptationsWings Of Love3.1976
972The Undisputed TruthHigher Than High9.1975
973The TemptationsHouse Party11.1975
974Luther AllisonNight Life2.1976
975The TemptationsThe Temptations Do The Temptations8.1976
976Leon WareMusical Massage9.1976
977Bottom & CoRock Bottom11.1976
978High lnergyTurning'On9.1977
97921st CreationBreak Thru'1.1978
981Rick JamesCome Get It4.1978
982High lnergySteppin'Out6.1978
98321st Creation21st CreationNR
984Rick JamesBustin'Out Of L Seven1.1979
986Teena MarleWild & Peaceful3.1979
987High lnergyShouida Gone Dancin'4.1979
988SwitchSwitch 114.1979
989High lnergyFrenzy10.1979
990Rick JamesFire It Up10.1979
991The Stone City BandRick James Presents The Stone City Band In 'n' Out2.1980
992Teena MarleLady T2.1980
993SwitchReaching For Tomorrow3.1980
994The TemptationsPower4.1980
995Rick JamesGarden Of Love6.1980
996High lnergyHold On8.1980
997Teena Marieirons In The Fire8.1980
998The TemptationsGive Love At Christmas8.1980
999SwitchThis Is My Dream10.1980
1000Nolen & CrossleyNolen & Crossley1.1981
1001The Stone City BandThe Boys Are Back1.1981
1002Rick JamesStreet Songs4.1981
1003The DeBargesThe DeBarges4.1981
1004Teena MarieIt Must Be Magic5.1981
1005High lnergyHigh lnergy5.1981
1006The TemptationsThe Temptations8.1981
1007SwitchSwitch 510.1981
1008Nolen & CrossieyAmbienceNR

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