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Here is a list of Conan books released in the UK. NB.the numbers are those printed on the reverse of the book but do not relate to the order in which they should be read.

1Conan the Adventurer
2Conan the Warrior
4Conan the Conqueror
5Conan the Freebooter
6Conan of Cimmeria
7Conan the Usurper
8Conan the Wanderer
9Conan of the Isles
10Conan the Avenger
11Conan the Buccaneer
12Conan of Aquilonia
This completes the original 12 books. These were then followed by non Robert E. Howard stories:-
13Conan the Swordsman
14Conan the LiberatorL. Sprague De Camp & Lin Carter
15Conan the MercenaryAndrew J. Offutt
16Conan and the Sword of SkelosAndrew J. Offutt
17Conan and the Road of KingsKarl Edward Wagner
18Conan the BarbarianL. Sprague De Camp & Lin Carter
19Conan the RebelPoul Anderson
20Conan and the Spider GodL. Sprague De Camp
21Conan the InvincibleRobert Jordan
22Conan the DefenderRobert Jordan
23Conan the UnconqueredRobert Jordan
24Conan the TriumphantRobert Jordan
25Conan the MagnificentRobert Jordan
26Conan the VictoriousRobert Jordan
27Conan the ValoriousJohn Maddox Roberts
28Conan the FearlessSteve Perry
29Conan the RenegadeLeonard Carpenter
30Conan the ChampionJohn Maddox Roberts
31Conan the DefiantSteve Perry
32Conan the Marauder (Numbered 8??? on the book)John Maddox Roberts

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